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October 20  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I was browsing around the web tonight and I came across YouBundle which left me asking myself how did I ever miss it? I’ve even been planning to launch a service just like it which kind of discouraged me, but I’m still going to blog about this amazing site anyway. YouBundle is somewhat like Squidoo except it’s put together completely different, is much more social and provides a fresh look at social media.

A bundle is a collection of your expertise on any given subject. A bundle should NOT BE a completely exhaustive list of links to cover every possible point of the subject. It should rather be a finely tuned and specialized list of links to relevant information on the subject. The idea is NOT to replicate the 1st page of Google or a link farm. We want every single link in the bundle to be tested, relevant and offering quality information. Just because a link comes from an authority site such as Wikipedia, does not mean that you have to include the link – we want flavor and variety – not sterility.

YouBundle is of course Do Follow and not only can you add bookmarks, but you can tie in your social media on the same subject from other sites to completely dominate the subject. You can also get a do follow link on your user page which makes it all the more sweeter. I love what they offer because it forces you to promote and build quality content on the subject and I wouldn’t doubt we’ll be seeing them rise to the top.

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