Would You Pay For Link Building Resources?

August 28  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

Just thought I’d drop this out there because I’m thinking certain things over. I know I sometimes get flack for releasing certain link building tips and sometimes I just can’t help myself. The blog has been lacking in actual tips lately and although I have 206 drafts with goodies waiting(please don’t hack me :), I won’t be releasing 3/4 of it to the public.

I have a huge Ecommerce SEO/Link Building/SMM post/book that’s awaiting release and I’m wondering if I should charge a fee to view the post or not.

So….would you pay for the goods or should I release it all for everyone to “exploit”?

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16 Responses to Would You Pay For Link Building Resources?

  1. Personally I never pay for these "Special Reports". :)

  2. linkbuildr says:

    Thanks for the input Larence. I wouldn't either normally, but I don't want to release the data I have into the wild. I know it can be used for evil, but it can also be used legit for a business.

  3. peter says:

    You should always charge a fee because its your personal time and effort. This is having in mind you provide valuable info, not some copy paste compiled crap. You should have a summary so people can sneak peak but the full version should be paid

  4. JR says:

    I agree with Peter, give a sneak peek, and make sure the info is valuable and original. I would be concerned with how the info will be used, too many MMO bloggers have learned the hard way that giving away certain tactics and secrets (especially if they are less than kosher) in the open has back fired on them via haters and competitors who want to shut them down.

  5. PJ Easton says:

    That depends…can it be abused so it no longer works? That we can be benefit form it? Could you release then maybe a service to do the work for us?

    What a bout review copies- Let a couple (of us) review it and give you an idea of what its worth based on other products we have bought….plus that turns into testimonials……..

  6. linkbuildr says:

    Good questions PJ. They technically can be abused but it wouldn't work out in the long run for spammers. The 200+ resources I have which 90% have not been covered publically can be used ethically for a business. With that being said, it would require actual social participation or building unique content around the various sources.

    This wouldn't be a point form list of places to just drop links and it would have a bunch of social media marketing mixed in with it.

    I'm also thinking of letting everyone who pays for the information see it in action on my own ecommerce shop.

  7. Don't be crazy, charge this stuff. I'm not saying I like to pay for everything, but with charging even the very small amount you will filter out the ones that are not serious about this. If someone really wants the info they are ready to pay for it, if the price is reasonable. Methods will be less abused if you charge something and at least you will be partially rewarded for your effort. Also there is something in all of us that we value info more if we pay it. I've downloaded a ton of books from the net that I never opened but this morning I bought some good e-book for $17 and I already read it. So IMHO charge some small amount like $5-7 and many will see the info but still not serious ones will be filtered.

  8. linkbuildr says:

    Thanks for the comment Davor, greatly appreciated!

    I think I'm going to go ahead and make a guide that will be password protected for the paid members. This won't be a 20 page Ebook though…It's going to be for seo/smm/link building for an ecommerce site(which is f@#$ hard). It will have over 100 to-do resources to build links, do social media marketing and overall rank better.

    Again, 90% of these resources are not blogged about anywhere else…perhaps I could only sell to 50 people or so.

    Anywho…I'm just babbling now but thanks for all the input..keep it coming!

  9. Dan says:

    If you think it has value and people would pay for it then why not charge for it.

  10. CyberNautSEO says:

    Selfishly I want it for for free, but if it were me I'd like to make some extra dough from my hard earned research and implementation testing…….so Charge for it!

  11. Edwin says:

    If the price is right I'll pay for it.
    I can't pay big amounts for it, so I hope the price is affordable.

    When is the guide being released for paid access?


  12. JamesM says:

    I'd pay if it meant the techniques were less likely to be widely used and abused. However, I know that sooner or later any information, paid or not, will make it's way onto "blackhat" forums where it will be picked up by the very people you don't want to see it! I guess it depends on if you'd be annoyed at the info leaking, or if you'd be happy to make any income off it at all.

    Personally I'd pay for early access and to contribute to your ongoing research ;-)

  13. Ruri says:

    You could also use this as a bonus in other product you have. because in my opinion sell item in low price also not really good for business.

  14. Sure, I would pay for good information.

  15. Anonymous says:

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  16. chat says:

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