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August 19  |  Internal Link Building, Wordpress SEO  |   Ryan Clark

WordPress has a few great plugins that will help with link building to external resources, but also help build internal links within your blog. Google has recently released official tips for optimizing your link structure on page to improve spidering and indexing. I always like to mention that you send me your links/plugins/advice and I will gladly write about it or add it to the post. WordPress continues to dominate the blogosphere and as you can tell, is easily my favorite CMS.

First up is the brand new plugin called “Internal Link Building” developed by the folks at SEO ROI. I’ve been using aLinks to accomplish some of what this plugin does, but the new one surpasses any in its path. The best feature is that you can set custom links within the post that won’t effect the entire site. You can download the plugin here.

WP-DeliciousPost is a plugin I don’t leave home without. It automatically adds every blog post to your del.icio.us account…pretty sweet eh? The plugin’s homepage says it has been now merged with a new link tool suite called WPLinkTools, but I couldn’t find the homepage anywhere. So if anyone know’s where to get this, comment away. You can download the plugin here.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin is a great plugin to keep your readers browising around, but allowing the spiders to keep your content freshly indexed. The latest 2.0 version makes use of the tags and categories to bring the reader the most related posts.

Finally Eli from Blue Hat SEO has released a very nifty little plugin called PingCrawl. This powerful took gets WordPress blogs deep links automatically on every post you make. I’ve been modding the code a little myself and this is a really intersting tool that could be used in so many ways.

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