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August 19  |  Internal Link Building, Wordpress SEO  |   Ryan Clark

WordPress has a few great plugins that will help with link building to external resources, but also help build internal links within your blog. Google has recently released official tips for optimizing your link structure on page to improve spidering and indexing. I always like to mention that you send me your links/plugins/advice and I will gladly write about it or add it to the post. WordPress continues to dominate the blogosphere and as you can tell, is easily my favorite CMS.

First up is the brand new plugin called “Internal Link Building” developed by the folks at SEO ROI. I’ve been using aLinks to accomplish some of what this plugin does, but the new one surpasses any in its path. The best feature is that you can set custom links within the post that won’t effect the entire site. You can download the plugin here.

WP-DeliciousPost is a plugin I don’t leave home without. It automatically adds every blog post to your del.icio.us account…pretty sweet eh? The plugin’s homepage says it has been now merged with a new link tool suite called WPLinkTools, but I couldn’t find the homepage anywhere. So if anyone know’s where to get this, comment away. You can download the plugin here.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin is a great plugin to keep your readers browising around, but allowing the spiders to keep your content freshly indexed. The latest 2.0 version makes use of the tags and categories to bring the reader the most related posts.

Finally Eli from Blue Hat SEO has released a very nifty little plugin called PingCrawl. This powerful took gets WordPress blogs deep links automatically on every post you make. I’ve been modding the code a little myself and this is a really intersting tool that could be used in so many ways.

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37 Responses to WordPress Plugins For Link Building

  1. Maller says:

    Thanks for posting about these plugins, as a new user of wordpress these are pretty handy.

    WPLinkTools can be found here:

  2. Thanks, I will definitely look at each of these.

    Delusional Cubs Fans last blog post..Cubs Sweep the White Sox!

  3. Thanks for a nice article. I’ll have to check those plugins out.

    By the way, thanks for using KewordLuv – I’m the author of KeywordLuv, although I’m using a different URL above.

    Stephens last blog post..Photos Of The Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony

  4. I love KeywordLuv plugin, one of the best out there. And to have rockstar Stephen, the plugin author stop by, how lucky!

    peters last blog post..Tarot Cards – The Six of Cups

  5. Excellent tip, I didn’t even know related post list was a plugin, I just thought the blog owner had done it manually.

    I think this will really improve the bounce rate of my sites.

  6. I agree with Peter… the KeywordLuv plugin is great. It’s a fair reward to the people to really give real comments and contribute to the blogging community.

  7. I have been very impressed with this plugin and find it very timely. What a great way to liven up comments

  8. TechnoSamrat says:

    Thank you very much for the Plugins….

    TechnoSamrats last blog post..Glossy 2 Iconset 1.0 – Freeware Icon Set For Mac OS X 10.5 or later

  9. TK says:

    Excellent! I specifically like the WP-DeliciousPost.. Thanks for this!

    TKs last blog post..What’s the difference between the LG Scoop and Rumor?

  10. This is a very informative blog post, I am sure I will try some of those plugins (Yet Another related Post and PingCrawl look especially promising). I wrote a plugin for linkbuilding, too. It only is for users of the 3waylinks.net service, but perhaps you want to mention it nevertheless:
    WordPress Plugin for 3waylinks

    Best regards and keep up the good work


    Michaels last blog post..Recurring traffic is in the list

  11. Thanks a Lot….I really love all those plugins..I was wondering what the blue-hat seo plugin would do?? Any explanations??

    Watch Simpsons Onlines last blog post..the simsons season 13 episode 16 weekend at burnsie

  12. WordPress is great.It provides us lot of plug-in.
    I try lot of them but i love keywordluv and commentluv very mush.
    Thanks fopr the sharing the info.

  13. Hi,
    Worpress have lot of good plug-ins but commentluv and keywordluv are best among them.It brings lot of traffic to our blog.And allow the commentators to leave their keyword in the name field.

  14. WordPress provides lot of useful plug-ins for the link building but Keywordluv and commentluv best among them.It is a reward for the commentator.
    Thanks for the sharing.

  15. Thanks for the great article. Nice post! Nice info!

  16. Gabrielle says:

    We appreciate the work you have put into your blog. We will bookmark this for the future. We love your site and we look forward to coming back.

  17. Actually, it's all the incredible plug-in which are available for WordPress users that convinced me to start working with WordPress to begin with.

    My favorite by far is KeywordLuv!

  18. Ricardo says:

    Hi there,
    This 4 plugin are the best!

    How you make your Related Posts appear like that with excerpt?


  19. Term says:

    thanks for that download…. this would save me time…

  20. Wow..thaks for the list..

  21. Ret says:

    Thanks. I want to revitalize my old posts because they do poor ranking in Google. This plugin will surely help me do the job.

  22. yejo says:

    this plugin helps me a lot so that i can make links between my websites,blogs and online shops.

  23. kris says:

    thank you for this article it helps alot, will definitley download these plugins to help with my link building, in particular the “Internal Link building’ plugin. thanks!

  24. Wullizumpha says:

    Thanks for the post. I just downloaded Pingcrawl and testing on one blog – hope to see some increased link-builds. I have left settings so you benefit. Thanks Again

  25. Edge says:

    Thanks. Seems like an excellent way to build internal and external links.

  26. Excellent, thank you. I can do with all the help I can get when link-building.


  27. Seo Chat4u says:

    This information is very useful regarding plugins. But after downloading how to install plugin to wordpress?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Excellent post. Thanks for sharing this information to me. I just started this wordpress plugin last month.Please add a link to each installed plugin on the “Manage Plugins” page pointing to the agnate WordPress Plugin Directory entry.

  29. Adam James says:

    WP-DeliciousPost is a new one to me, looks like a great plugin.

    I was reading about pingcrawl earlier actually, it’s abseloutely genius, cheers!

  30. This wordpress plugin helps me a lot. Thank you.

  31. Ashwin says:

    Great Plugin will integrate this to my wordpress site and its gonna rock

  32. Excellent post. Thanks for sharing information, can you please let us know what are the best resources of directory submission for wordpress blog.

  33. Thanks. I want to revitalize my old posts because they do poor ranking in Google.

  34. Thanks. I want to revitalize my old posts because they do poor ranking in Google.

  35. I want to revitalize my old posts because they do poor ranking in Google. This plugin will surely help me do the job.

  36. Faucets says:

    I am looking for a practical plugin, which can replace SEO Smart Links Plugin. Your kind support will be highly appreciated.

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