When Consumers Do Your Marketing: A Look At Kimpton Hotels

October 4  |  Brand Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’m an avid Reddit user, 5 year club but who’s bragging? There are plenty of awesome examples of social media doing great things for a brand without them trying. The other day I came across this highly up-voted post about something one of the Kimpton Hotel’s did in response to a customer. With over 1250 comments so far and a few thousand votes, you know this is going to be seen by tens of thousands of people. I hope the person who replied from the Kimpton Hotel gets a little extra bonus next month because you just can’t ask for a better “strategy”.


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2 Responses to When Consumers Do Your Marketing: A Look At Kimpton Hotels

  1. Simon Gerard says:

    This is a stellar example of personal PR that is truly worth it’s viral value. A company having a sense of humor really makes this stand out and worth sharing. I can just imagine the same email from 99.9% of hotels and a funny reply from a customer resulting in a bland, stock response. Most companies won’t take the “risk” of humor, but anyone who reads this can feel the rapport that’s built when two people joke around. 

  2. Ben Norman says:

    This is great, if only more businesses put this much effort into connecting with their customers. If they did, they almost wouldn’t need an online link building strategy.

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