What We Do

We are not your typical inbound marketing firm. We do not outsource, we do not spam and we do not do boring. You can find the Linkbuildr team right here in beautiful British Columbia Canada. We are a solid crew of idea creators, brand junkies and word ninjas that help brands become the voice in their vertical.

We help brands grow through content marketing in ways that drive results not only in the way of natural links, but by building a brand through online relationships. Our clients do not worry about any silly Google updates, but instead sleep well at night knowing they don’t only rely on free search engine traffic.

Our methods do not involve any trickery, tom foolery or misguiding. Instead we entertain, educate and engage customers with amazing content, apps and good ol’ fashioned PR.

Why Work With Us?

Since we have such a small team, we choose to only work with no more than a dozen clients per month at any given time. We like to learn about our clients and put forth the same passion as they would into their marketing efforts. The ideas, strategies and talent we bring to the table cannot be easily duplicated, and I truly mean that.

Our approach is fresh and the word cookie cutter is not in our vocabulary. It takes time and patience to put together large scale inbound marketing campaigns, and we don’t aim to disappoint. The end goal is to have help transform your brand into the industry leader by setting yourself apart from the pack.

We want our clients competitors to always be chasing their lead.

What You’ll Experience

First and foremost is strategy. We focus on building our client campaigns from the ground up based on research and intelligence we gather. We want to know where you and your competitors both excel, and where there is weakness. Our content marketing efforts are aimed at making you stand out, get heard and get results.

I encourage you to send us an email and schedule in a free 30-60 minute call with Ryan Clark. He can quickly break down what your brand is not doing right, and where it needs to go. We have a no sales pressure approach because we don’t need one. You will either love our ideas or you won’t, either way give us a call.

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