Want A Link From a 15 Year Old Domain? BOTW Coupon!

September 9  |  Link Directories  |   Ryan Clark

If I could show you the amount of positive SERP results I see from clients getting listed in Best Of The Web, I’d be fired. I always talk about the directory for a good reason, it’s old and it helps you gain the trust of Google. Having your business pass their review helps your website establish some credit and gives a boost to your overall SEO efforts.

Best Of The Web is having a huge 20% off during September sale and if you’ve been thinking about signing up, now’s the time. Just follow the link in the article, or click on the big awesome picture I hacked up GIMP. When you’re signing up and it asks for a discount code enter in SINCE94.

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11 Responses to Want A Link From a 15 Year Old Domain? BOTW Coupon!

  1. do you really think its effective and will help us to gain ranking in SERP? OMG 300$ and if i less 20% thn still its 260$ :O

  2. linkbuildr says:

    Of course, who doesn't want a link from an authoritative source that has been around for more than a decade?

  3. This is really great!!!! I want a from an authoritative source but befoe that please tell me it really helps in bringing good ranking in SERP. Anyway what is the procedure to de so..

  4. JamesM says:

    Do you know if this code also works for the BOTW blog directory? That's considerably cheaper anyway ($75), but the subdomain isn't as ole – do you think it's still worth getting listed there? I ask because I've got a blog attached to my main site…

  5. linkbuildr says:

    I don't think it applies to the blog section sadly. Is it worth it? I'd imagine it's worth its minor price.

  6. music map says:

    What is this Category Sponsorship deal? http://botw.org/helpcenter/sponsor.aspx Free 60 day trial, then $40 monthly (discount applies)… so it's more expensive for a full year but is it worthwhile?

    Also, assuming the fee is rebilled annually – does the discount apply for future years as well? Or is it a 1-time fee?

  7. linkbuildr says:

    the 20% off the $300 USD is one time/ life time, so there's no rebilling! I haven't seen that sponsorship dealio so you know as much as I do on that one, sorry buddy.

  8. I would rather pay a SEO expert that amount of money, instead of spending it on one link.

  9. linkbuildr says:

    I would stay away SEO experts that cost $300 lol….Sometimes a high quality link is going to cost you some coin. Especially when you understand what it takes to get a high level of trust with Google, and a link from BOTW is a start.

  10. "… a high quality link is going to cost you some coin"

    "I would stay away from SEO experts that cost $300 LOL"

    I charge $3000.00 and up.. and I'm cheap. It takes 100 man hours of link building to even get on first page of organic serps. I charge $1500 just to get your googlemaps ranking higher.

    $300? it costs me that much just to outsource the social bookmarking for a client.

    Overhead costs money!!!

    You wanna rank? You gotta pay… a lawyer client of mine told me she lost $10,000 in gross sales for the month her googlemaps listing vanished (which is what she paid me to correct)

    $10K in one month… I guess it all depends on what the client's profit margin is, some of you just can't afford SEO I guess.

    (failed to log in before hitting the FIRE button above, hope I can delete the previous comment)

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