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April 1  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

Hey folks! I have been slow to update lately as it has been crazy busy, but I’ve managed to get a hold of everything and simmer it down. We do have a few new services out for our future clients to go over, and they’re reserved only for the best of the best! It has been a while since we’ve introduced new link building services into the mix so let me know what you guys think about this.

Keep in mind these services are for the elite and advanced webmaster in mind. Those who want to dominate Google so hard that it runs home crying to Al Gore. These link building techniques are so elite that I had threats on my life just from publicly revealing them to my clients. Check out each option that we are now offering below,  and hopefully it results in nothing short of blowing your mind!

Reciprocal Link Building:

This method is just ripe for the picking! We will go out and exchange links with over 1000 websites so you don’t have to. That isn’t the best aspect of these services either folks, can you guess what is? We will rush your order and make sure you have 1000 exchanged links within 24 hours! I will even email Google personally to let them know that I’ve just got your 1000 recip links up on the board!

Price: $25,000 USD per Month

Xrumer Services:

If you run a business online you need links right? Well how does 200,000 links across the hottest foreign forums, blog comments and guest books sound to you? Our Xrumer services will blast your website to the top of the search engines…but only for a day. We request that our clients get an Xrumer blast to 200,000 sites many times a month to make sure you’re pleasing Google.

Price: $10,000 USD per month

Paid Links:

We all know Google loves links right? Well we can now buy links for you across all sorts of sites ranging from Gambling, Porn and White Power websites which will give you that extra boost. It doesn’t really matter where these links are coming from so we can buy you an endless amount of them providing you have the funds. Why bother building a natural link when you can pay for them? When I’m right I’m right eh folks?

Price: $50,000 USD per month

So there you have it folks, brand new services for April 1st from the fine folks at Linkbuildr. We asked Matt Cutts what he thought about these advanced link building services and he was so in awe, so shocked, so turned on by what we had to present that he was speechless. The only response we could get out of him while he sat there with his mind just totally blown;

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10 Responses to Ultra Advanced Link Building Services From Linkbuildr

  1. Hotel SEO says:

    Happy April fools everyone :)

  2. Geoffroe says:

    Sounds like you have some real quality packages here!

  3. Gerald Weber says:

    Put me down for the recip link plan please.

  4. Do you have a link farm package? if not I think this would give your clients high rankings, please add and I will pay whatever. :)

  5. searchbrat says:

    I was hoping you would have a “social media” package, sure that is all the rage now. I would recommend putting together a Twitter Package showing companies how they can utilize twitter to drive 5 quality leads to their site every year. The package could be an in depth strategy which tells businesses to “follow f*cking everyone” ….

  6. Geoffroe says:


  7. My only question is can we open more than one account at a time? At such prime prices there is probably a waiting list.

  8. Starzweb says:

    This is site best.

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