Top Earning Affiliate For Me This Month: V7N Affiliate Program

August 19  |  Uncategorized  |   Ryan Clark

I’m going to keep you folks updated on the world of link building affiliate marketing. There are a ton of great affiliate programs out there for blog companies, directories and SEO firms. I will keep my readers informed what affiliate programs are converting the best for me.

This month is being led by the V7N Affiliate Program which is for their web directory. I only have their 125×125 in my right panel, so I was quite surprised to see these results turning out. We still have until the end of the month so who knows…Sign Up.

Current payout is $25 per submission. If you refer one person that submits 10 sites, that’s $250! If you refer ten people who each do one submission, that’s $250. The cookie is a one-year cookie, so make money today! Second tier pay-outs: Refer affiliates to V7N and for each $25 commission they earn, you earn $5! It’s like money for free!

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  1. almir says:

    very interesting i have never heard of this web directory before i will check them out

  2. Nice post! I have been looking for information like this one. I am just a new affiliate and I think these tips will really help. I will give 10 credits for this!

  3. Chad O says:

    Thanks for the info.

    I just recently found your blog and look forward to reading more of your material.

  4. Blogger says:

    Wow this is great..
    Can you post more info about this?

  5. Hi Buddy!!!

    Is affiliate marketing to help sale the products..???
    pls reply asap…meet again

  6. hi all..

    How can i fix the amount in affiliate marketing for ther any terms.???pls reply soon.

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