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September 22  |  TWiLB  |   Ryan Clark

Well folks I’ve been slacking and you all know it! But I’m back and settled into my new place which is still a mess. I’ll get some pictures up this week hopefully…once it’s cleaned up. I’ve been doing some research on new techniques, watching a bunch of authoritative websites for new and interesting methods and have managed to snag a few really good ideas. I’m going to be testing them out before I disclose them just quite yet, but this is a good time to remind you to keep your eye on sites in hot niches for ways to build links. It’s almost impossible not to find a hidden gem after a few hours of close inspection.

The link building front has been decently quiet over the past few weeks, with me moving and Collin starting college and the Link Building Bible being sold. I’ve still managed to slap together enough information for everyone to stay busy for the next week while I get the new link building resources for the public eye.

Way back at the beginning of the month I wrote about link building by being a guest blogger. There are a ton of blogs out there who already offer to exchange guest blog posts, and it also doesn’t hurt to go around asking. You can use good old Google to rely on to find us some great blogs to apply to. I’m sure most of my readers here are familiar with Google commands and can hack their way around with little or no problems. This opens up a whole bunch of possibilites in finding blogs to post on, it is as easy as just searching for things like “write a guest blog post” or “guest blogger“. You can even get more specific by using Google’s inurl command to try and narrow it down by niche. Even though this method is still not that popular, you should be able to find a few places to write for within your niche.

Pikter is a web 2.0 Flickr clone that is pretty well setup and brand spanking new. Since the site is so new there isn’t much PR being passed around, but Pikter is a site to keep your eye on. They allow photo comments which includes two simple forms to fill out. Since the two forms are only your name and your web address, you can easily nab a do follow link on the photo page. I’m going to be using Pikter in the future for some viral testing, and what do I mean by that? Well I want to try and get some photos going viral on the web, and if possible I’ll be able to benefit from the link on the page

Well we all know that buying paid links is a no-no in Google, but we also know that it’s banned for a reason. If you want a quiet and great way to buy one-way links with no worries then it’s time to check out They allow you to either buy, sell or trade achnored links within your content, blogroll or pretty much anywhere you can muster. There is a large list of sites signed up with so you should have no trouble finding relevant sites within your niche to obtain links from. If you’re skeptical buying links this way your best bet is to try it out on a test site to see the results for yourself.

I’ve been working on a Canadian clients blog for the past couple of weeks and I’ve been putting together a list of places to link build for Canadian sites. In this day and age you’re going to need relevant links to boost your site within a certain country. So Canada is our target country and the land of good beer, hot women and strong weed is relatively untapped. Ranking within wasn’t too hard for my clients target niche, and it didn’t take more than a couple hundred backlinks to dominate every keyword they wanted. Keep in mind the lists I’m making public are not quite the one I’ve got in its entirety, but it should give you enough work to do for a few days as well give you what you need to look for.

Monkiri is a user friendly tool that enables a web user to capture and share interesting web pages or part of a web page with others. Monkiri lets you grab any part of the web page and instantly publish it either on your Monikri blog or send it to your Blogger or WordPress blog. Literally Monkiri means the Japanese art of paper cutting. Newspaper clippings are always a means amongst any knowledge enthusiasts to store a piece of information. In the web world Monkiri meets the same need. Monkiri lets one read and write blogs about any item published on a website.

MyBlogJournal’s project born in June 2006 from a Erc Investiment Company. It has begun to develop a revolutionary project to create a new relationship between media and consumers, with the intention of making the consumer from passive to active. Our thoughts and our philosophy embrace the “web 2.0” and “open source”. MyBlogJournal is a really cool service to blog socially and become a part of the community that can manage the blogosphere in a “Wikipedia” like manor. The site is already populated with millions of articles from thousand of internet magazines and blogs and every kind of images, videos and podcasts according to your interests.

Ann Smarty from search engine journal of course didn’t dissapoint you all like I did this month. She was busy writing great article after article. If you don’t follow her I highly recommend her over almost anyone in the link building industry, even over myself lolz. Her recent article touched on my post about link building with your resume, and took it even further! Ann dropped a few different types of sites not just for your resume, but also for your online reputation management. You can read her post here called Build Links and Manage Reputation with your Resume.

Luna from BloomSEO wrote an interesting post on link building with games, and yes she means online web games. She discusses ways to use free games to submit around to game sites which provide a link back, as well having a new game created to get a little buzz going. This is the kind of thinking I like to see, so hopefully it gives you folks some good ideas.

One of the contributing members from SEOmoz has put together an amazing list of link building tips from all the great posts on SEOmoz. This was put together from a beginners point of view, and should give you a good read on the last couple of years link building methods. You can go here to read Link Building Notes Of A SEO Kindergartner.

That should wrap up this weeks edition, but if anyone has anything to add you know the drill. The comments are do follow and I welcome you to post links to your blog post as long as it’s relevant. I’ll hopefully have a good bunch of links for next week so send them in to make my life easier!

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