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October 7  |  TWiLB  |   Ryan Clark

I’m a day late but I’ve got some good posts this week not only from myself, but from the great bloggers out there who really stepped it up this past week. I’ve been quite busy with clients and have come to wish I’ve had my own product I’m selling. I’ve really got into drop shipping lately and will show you guys soon what I’ve been up to.

If you’re like me and have a tough time keeping track of all your tasks, and getting projects done then you’ll be interested in this really cool app for your Blackberry called Viira. Viira is Blackberry GTD Software which takes the calender and tasks manager on the BB to new heights. This software makes sure you are on top of tasks that need to be done, and generally makes life easier when you know what needs to be done. You can try a free trial copy, and if you want to buy it’s only a fraction of the cost of other GTD Software at $29.99. is new to me, but has started gaining rank and traffic since late August. Forgive me if the site has been around longer, but I’m using data from Alexa(god forbid). Agglom is a social bookmarking site that allows you to do the obvious, but also build sets of links related to a certain topic. This is an interesting spin on bookmarking, and it makes for a unique site to help promote and save your web links. Now the links you add to your lists are not SEO friendly, so the only benefit here is gaining niche related traffic.

OpenZine is a social publishing platform with browser based tools that provides regular people with the essential tools to create really amazing things, display it with equal quality and enables them to socially share, control and manage their ideas. The OpenZine platform is a really unique and amazing project by two brothers who had a vision and made it happen. I’ve been experimenting with setting up my own little zine, and I’ve got to say the platform is really on the cutting edge…almost visionary. You can of course get a do follow link from your author bio, and all the links within your Zine are do follow.

I just discovered Orble while I was browsing backlinks for a blog, and this is my favorite way of discovering new ways to build links. It makes my life easier finding new content to write about while building links for the site. Orble is a network for bloggers to promote their blogs, attract more readers all while getting help from professional bloggers. What do I mean by getting help from professional bloggers? Orble’s staff provides coaching and helpful feedback so you don’t have to learn by trial and error….we all need help from time to time. Orble also has a mentoring program if you’re new, or just having a hard time getting your blog off the ground. Orble is designed so that good writing gets the attention it deserves. Each blog is promoted on the Orble network helping you attract more readers than would be possible elsewhere with a stand-alone blog. Being part of a blogging network also helps you attract more Search Engine traffic.

Collin Lahay of course had another killer post that puts me to shame! He talked about link building with as well use it as a place to promote unique and quality content. This service is open for abuse a little bit, so I’m making sure my readers do not rape this great service, but rather use it for what it is. is a pagerank 6 authority site that features a lot of how-to guides on many subjects.  The site looks professional, so I took the time to have a client of mine write two high quality how-to guides to publish on the site including a link back to our site.

Search Engine Roundtable put out a great article called Internal Linking Tactics. It covers the various latest methods in sculpting the flow of link juice within a site, which has been very effective. It’s an easy thing to do, and all you need to do is setup a system of internal linking that works best with your website. If you’re using WordPress, I highly recommend a plugin called aLinks.

Why even care about your internal linking? Because you can help yourself with your own site, so why waste one of the easiest link building opportunities out there. Using nofollow and other techniques for “PageRank sculpting” has risen in awareness over the past year. It’s even been recommended by Google. How does it work, when do you want to do it, and is it worth the time? Techniques and case studies will be shown. Don’t forget the anchor text. What you say in your links can matter! And saying it in a variety of different ways might be better than using the same exact words over and over. Tips and advice about writing for internal links. Don’t forget the humans, when it comes to internal linking. You still need to have links showing in a way that benefits your human visitors. Meanwhile, you might have to convince the humans in your IT department, upper management or other stakeholders about why recommended internal link tactics deserve support.

Last but not least was a post from JR over at Get Internet Marketing Strategies. JR has been writing a lot lately and I’ve quickly become a fan of his work. I highly recommend you guys to his blog because he writes good content that actually is useful! So back on topic….His post called 11 More Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Site covers a few social bookmarking sites that you most likely know, but he had a bunch I’ve never even heard of. Keep up the good work mate!

That’s it for this week and remember you can leave me tips in the comments or Email me with new link building tips. I give full credit so make sure to send along any urls or anchor text’s you’d like in with your post! I hope everyone has a good productive week and that you all move up in the SERPs.

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  1. geovani says:

    This is an interesting spin on bookmarking, and it makes for a unique site to help promote and save your web links. Now the links you add to your lists are not SEO friendly, so the only benefit here is gaining niche related traffic. However, you can put a do follow link to your website within your user profile which makes it worth your while to sign up and start sharing. I’ve started using the site this week for a client, so hopefully it helps out a bit and lets me see if the site provides any sort of link building merrit.


  2. Thank you so much for the mention and compliments, I appreciate it. By the way, I am a she, so many people think I am a guy, I have to fix that misconception sometime on my blog ;-). is fabulous for the link and the traffic potential and bypasses the $299 they charge for a link on their mother site, and if your guide is really good it can get voted to the front page of and that’s another great high PR link.

    I recently joined Orble myself, but you know I am a little lost to it in the sense that you actually have to write blog posts within there, not actually add your existing blog content, correct?

    Great blog here, just subscribed.

    JRs last blog post..Link Building – 11 More High PR Do-Follow Social Sites

  3. Thanks for all the great links and info man! I love your blog so much!

  4. Dennis Edell says:

    Well I’m more then a day late, but I’m here! LOL

    Thanks for the Blackberry link, as I’m seriously considering purchasing one.

    Dennis Edells last blog post..Do Advertisers Judge You By Design? What Do You Think…

  5. Joel Drapper says:

    Nice post. Agglom is new to me, but looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    Joel Drappers last blog post..How to Jump Start Your Blog’s Traffic

  6. steve says:

    Amazing link building strategies! All are just new to me. i have bookmarked this page.

  7. Mark says:

    Good list.Bookmarking will give quality backlinks for sites.Very interesting and useful article.

    Bottled aardvark Milk

  8. cjw says:

    thanks for this! was trying to find more on orble. Outlook Track-It is an amazing GTD software too…do you have any blogs on this? It's a small plugin for outlook that flags reminders for you, to follow up to emails. life saver :)

  9. Rob says:

    Yes – it's a social bookmarking. And CJW – I tried Outlook Track-It after your recommendation. It's a great GTD addon. I have Outlook 2007 and it works like a charm.

  10. thanks for the information

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