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Let me start off by remembering to stop today and think about our Veterans and what they’ve done for us in the past. Most of you are off from work today, but knowing myself I can imagine a good chunk of you will still be on the grind. It’s rainy and windy outside so what better time to round up all the past couple weeks worth of link building material. There has been a lot of great articles lately and this weeks post will be chalk full of goodies to keep you busy for most of the day. Let’s start this post off from another awesome comic from Kevin & The Googlebots.

I reminded myself to find some new RSS feed directories and came across It’s basically a RSS feed directory but with a very updated and fresh web 2.0 feel. Submissions are reviewed by a human so you cannot submit crap to the site…so admin if you’re reading this approve Linkbuildr please and thank you(lol). The site is relatively new so don’t expect much in regards to link juice just yet, but be thankful for the help it gives your content to stay in the index. They will spider your site constantly once approved and it hopefully will bring you some new readers to your blog. I don’t have any data yet on the site so I can’t tell you how well it performs, but if anyone out there is listed please let us know in the comments! You can head on over to their site and submit your RSS feed.

I’m sure most of you folks have heard about, and even used’s press release distribution services. Using a press release to get the word out has long been an effective way of marketing your brand or product, and even more so it’s a great way to get some very powerful links. I’m currently writing a post entirely dedicated to free press release sites, so I thought I would get this out of the way first.

PRWeb Press Release Newswire - Sign Up Now
I always recommend to my clients to get the 200 dollar package they offer because it covers all your basis such as SEO friendly links and distribution to all the places that matter. You will get some kick ass links from places such as Google News and Yahoo News plust a whole host of authorative sites. Another thing to think about are the sites that scrape and use for news to blog about which can bring in a whole other set of links you wouldn’t have otherwise expected. All in all if you want an effective link building campaign this is really not to be overlooked!  Let’s take a look at all the various packages PRWeb has to offer.

With all the crazy web 2.0 sites coming out these days, and yes the ones I’m finding to link build with, it gave me the idea to write this post. If you have your own web 2.0 app to promote you have many options which luckily will bring in some very juicy links! I’m currently helping a client promote his web 2.0 site and found an abundance of resources to get your site listed. Some things to keep in mind here are the quality and uniqueness of your web 2.0 site because a lot of these places I’m going to list have a strict quality control. Click here to read Link Building For Your Web 2.0 App.

Here’s another niche link building strategy guide that is similar to what I can put together for your company, or blog. I picked the health niche because it is so vast and this will make finding a lot of resources to write about much easier. If you would like to have me map out a custom link building and social media marketing campaign for your website feel free to contact me.

Although the healt and fitness niche’s are heavily competative, there are still a lot of new ways to market your product or site. These new methods should also bring in strong, healthy links from niche related social media sites, forums and more. We’ll  first take a look at a few health directories that would be worth the time spent submitting. I usually don’t like wasting my time on these, but because it’s so competitive you don’t have much choice! Click here to read Link Building In The Health/Fitness Niche.

FeedBees is a really cool, well laid out and designed RSS Feed Directory. The feed directory was started up early this year so it’s relatively new in regards to great link juice, but already has well over 40,000 pages indexed in Google. You can submit your feed absolutely free, and to get an idea of what you’ll get, take a look at someone’s feed page. I also wanted to mention they make use of Adsense for RSS so you can enjoy 100% of the ad revenue shown in your streams.

Well I’ve got so many clients to track keywords for, most of which don’t have a blog so I cannot use the WordPress plugins that would make this part of the job easier. But thankfully a fellow Linkbuildr reader and now friend, Will Reinhardt, gave me access to his SEO Keyword Ranking tool.  I asked if I could review it out of the kindness of my heart, so this in no way influenced by money what-so-ever(so f%$! off Google :).

This tool is for one thing and one thing only…tracking your position in the search engines. I’ve used a bunch of free tools, paid tools and doing it by hand but the simplicity of SEO Keyword Ranking takes the cake. The tool tracks all the major search engines and provides reports on a time schedule, depending on how you want it. The reports are handled two ways, one within your account and secondly, straight via email all packaged in a nice and easy to read report. This is great because I can send my clients the reports automatically without worrying about it, and if I ever need to review them they’re only a few clicks away. Click here to read the rest of the review.

Ann Smarty once again has bee very active writing more and more quality articles that make doing this weekly roundup so much easier! Her article is titled Link Building Reports That Make Your Clients Happy and this is a topic I’ve never seen covered anywhere else(shame on me). Some clients could care less about seeing where the links were from, but more and more I’m getting a lot of SEO savvy clients and theyre more than happy to get the low down. One thing I wanted to bring up here just incase you miss it in her article, but that’s the free link building report offered by SEOmoz. Ann Smarty also wrote another great article called Firefox Addons To Explore Backlinks In Google Webmaster Tools and pretty well explains itself.

Link Building Best Practices recently wrote a piece An SEO Is Not A Link Builder which defines what we do a little clearer. As the link building industry continues to grow it has been increasingly defining itself in its own digital world and no longer means adding a few social bookmarks and directory links.

Most SEO’s agree that there are three components to higher search results; 1) good content, 2) onsite optimization and 3) quality link building.  However, in my opinion, most SEO’s are not link builders and most link builders are not SEOs

I’d like to congradulate Collin Lahay on his 1 year blog anniversary as well mention two great posts he’s written last week. First up was his post on Link Building With Ning which is an SEO friendly social networking platform which allows anyone to create a social network on their domain. Another social media site on the same sort of page as Squidoo or Hubpages is Qassia and he covers how to get do follow links in his post Link Building With Qassia. Last but not least was yet another great post that covers getting links on a new web 2.0 classified site called iList, click here to read Link Building With iList.

Shaun from Hobo Web wrote a great post on the length of anchor text, and as link builders we should all be aware of what is in our realm. I’ll admit I usually just had a made of number in my head of how long an anchor text should be, but since he mentions the safe length is around 8-9 words I’m still in the clear. Click here to read his post on anchor text length.

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