This Week In Link Building For August 25th 2008

August 25  |  TWiLB  |   Ryan Clark

Well welcome to the second edition of This Week In Link Building. I’ve had a great week of growth and a lot of good feedback from all you folks. I’ve got most of the Link Building Podcast recorded so expect to see that launch sometime this week. As you know I also launched the Link Building Forums on this day so I hope to get as many of you as possible in there. I’ve had my good friend Oliver from SEO Business hack up this theme to give it a different look which I’ll implement sometime tonight.

I managed to get a good set of posts finished up and a lot of great websites to link build on were found. I’ve been hunting around the web on different authority sites, scouring high ranking sites back links and browsing open source software for new ways to build links. The blogosphere has been quiet lately and I’m highly anticipating a new post from Collin Lahay because he always has something juicy to update.

First up was a post on WordPress Link Building Plugins which helped automatically build links and help the spiders index your content. This post will continually get updated because I’m sure we’ll a few more amazing plugins that fall under this category. If you have a plugin I missed be sure to comment on it or simply send me an email via the contact page.

I found out how to use Faviki For Link Building which has helped me get a bunch of solid links for a lot of my projects lately. Faviki is a pr6 social bookmarking site that allows you to tag pages with Wikipedia terms( Semantic Tags). This means that everybody uses the same names for tags from the world’s largest collection of knowledge.

Even though Faves is no follow it is still a great place to harness for targeted traffic. If you produce some quality conent then this site will work nicely for you. It is somewhat like StumbleUpon in regards, but has its own quirky differences that make it unique.

I made a list of the top forum posts on my favorite forums related to SEO and link building. There are a few good posts out there and these ones have a lot of views for a good reason. It’s always nice to actually read something you should know instead of the same old drivel.

Blogoria is a great blog promotion tool that gives you a do follow link as well offers some RSS feed promotion capabilities. I’ve been noticing a few more sites like these popping up lately so I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled.

Collin Lahay’s rssHugger is a great promotional tool that has the same kind of feel as Blogoria. It promotes your RSS feed as well provides quality backlinks to your website. This is a one of a kind website so don’t expect this link value to go down anytime soon.

I noticed a newish search engine for finding do follow forums has hit the scene and I would keep my eye on it. This will no doubtably have hundreds of not thousands of forums listed within the next couple of months. The do follow trend still seems to thrive and the blogs and forums seem to be targeted the most.

I wrote a short post called Link Building With Plime which is a well known social bookmarking service that passes along some link love. Plime currently holds a pr6 and tons of pages indexed. Plime makes use of a “karma points” system where it rewards user accounts the more they participate.

Although there seem to be a ton of lists floating out there already for do follow forums webmaster forums I managed to write one up as well. I also ranked them by PR just to give you an indication of which ones are the more active. Remeber these are communities to take part in, not just spam away to get links. It works out better in the long run if you market yourself with a good image.

I’ve been dabbling with StumbleUpon Exchanges lately and found a few places to make the process much much easier. know this falls under the bad practice routine sometimes, but when I generally exchange Stumbles it has to be with a decent website or content piece. No matter how many stumbles you get, you can still have a website or article that sucks. There are a few good communities out there spreading the Stumble love, there are also places that might not be such a great idea to join to trade.

Blog Bookmark has been one of my new favorite social bookmarking communities for webmasters and bloggers. It has a strong following and provides a good do follow backlink with the potential for some decent traffic. The site is designed very well and is a great example of really making a social bookmarking site stand out from all the rest.

I’ve been link building with Flixya because it’s a great site that combines social media such as videos, photos and articles into one giant website. You can add your videos, photos and the juicy part is that you can write an article and get a do follow link within your “About Author” section. Flixya also is a revenue sharing website so not only can you get a backlink and traffic, but you can get some adsense revenue for your efforts. I imagine after another year of link building on all these types of sites and I’ll get a decent monthly income. This site promotes quality and unique content so best get out your thinking cap and write something good.

I’ve been on a mission today to find some good spots to build links, and I’ve found another great site with a lot of content and users that provides a do follow back link as well as revenue sharing. Xomba has been running for just over 2 years and the site has show very impressive growth. The site provides a great place to write some content, share bookmarks and in the end get that do follow link.

Triond is a cool newish revenue sharing website that also provides a few places to get a do follow backlink to your site. Triond takes your original content and if approved, publishes it on other websites that they feel is the most related to your content. This will also get you a do follow link from their bookmarking system under your user profile passing all sorts of link juice around.

I’ve also just launched the Link Building Forums and I’m hoping to attract a lot of new good members who love the science of link building. I want to get people from the link building and SEO community to become moderators and build a reputable source of information on the web. It’s going to be a little slow building up at first so I urge any nice bloggers out there to give us a blog post to let their readers know about it.

Loren Baker from Search Engine Journal did a speach on link building thats well worth the watch. Loren is a seasoned vet in the game and is a pleasure to listen to or read what he has to say at any time. This video runs a little but long but I assure you it’s well worth the watch.

Will Critchlow wrote a great article entitled “Using Your While Business To Build Links“. No surprise that an article from SEOmoz has made the rounds again, and it’s because they’re always talking about something new. Will covers on what big business can do to build links because the wealth of power and resources they have. A lot of companies still have no idea the possibilites of link building they could be throwing on the table;

There are a few situations where I would disagree with the conclusion that you always get a mess when you add new marketing to old businesses, particularly in SEO. Understanding the basics of SEO (not even linkbait, etc., but just keyword research and basic technical on-page SEO) can be enough to form a valuable sales channel for old-school businesses.

I hope you got something out of this weeks links. I’m going to be hard at work with the new forums, podcast and research to find new links. I’d also like to find some new people to work with on some new projects in affiliate marketing, so if anyone wants to partner up with a link builder let me know. Take care everyone and keep sending me your thoughts, comments and wisdom!

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