The Link Building Rap

August 17  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been watching the top 10 serps for the key word “link building” for a while now, and I’ve noticed someone do something to quickly boost them into the top 10 via an US Google server, and here in Canada they rank #1 for the term “link building”. A man named Chuck has made a little rap about link building, properly made use of social media and networking sites, and is now reaping the benefits of some nice keywords. I’m not sure how long he will rank in the top 10, but I imagine this will still get attention and build a few more good links. I’ve used Youtube in the past a lot for affiliate marketing, and it yields some great results if you’re using the right niche.

The SEO Rapper is a man named chuck, and he’s a SEO Consultant from Houston TX. You can read his blog  * Mo Serious Thoughts *. His blog has a lot of good things to say and anyone could learn something from this guy. He’s utilizing social media very well and it’s a great real world example of how a properly executed campaign is done.

Chuck runs a SEO company called Pop Labs, and as you can see specializes in Social Media Consulting. You can check out their website for fresh marketing ideas, or catch up on their blog. Pop Labs has been live since 2001 and I’ll hopefully get to meet them eventually at a conference. I’ve also got to mention their SEO Tools that are for free on the Pop Labs website. Chuck also runs a Youtube channel where he has a whole bunch of videos including this little gem, “Design Coding”.

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  1. rap music says:

    He know what he rapping bout… i been checked this guy out and he';s one of many reasons my site is successful

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