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August 25  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

Hey everyone! I’ve spent tha last few hours of the day testing out the forum and finding out there’s a lot of work to be done. I invite everyone to sign up to the beta release of these forums because we’re running on a different open source forum CMS than most. I decided to go with UseBB because like my sites they’re both somewhat new and growing, and I kind of wanted to hack around with some new CMS besides phpBB or vBulletin.

UseBB is put together by a small team of coders who are very passionate about the code, and are currently working on a very much needed version 2. I liked the ease of the setup as well the look and feel of the whole forum. The template draws from the other forums in feel and style making it a easy on the eyes, and lets the reader focus on the content. Currently I’m running version 1.0.9 which is lacking in a few key features suck as private messaging, user groups and attachments. Version 2 is hopefully on its way very soon because I know how important private messaging is.

I’m going to do my best to rank the forum very quickly for the term ‘link building forum(s)’ as well promote from this blog. On that note, I’d like to call on my fellow bloggers to write a post about the forum if they want to help pressure. I know starting a forum can be very tough so I’ll be honest and say I’d have no problems taking in feedback, critisicm and advice.

The forum is also going to need moderators and this is something I’d like to implement catiously over time. I’d like respected bloggers/podcasters/writers who are in the industry to join as moderators to help build a solid community. To help pay back my moderators I will be sharing advertising slots within the site to share the wealth for the time and effort put in. Please contact me if you’re interested in becoming a moderator.

Forum Sections And Why I Chose Them:

Link Building Chat:

The first section of the forums is the Link Building Chat. This is the usual area for chatting about everything and anything link building. I don’t want to clutter the forum with so many sections mainly because I believe a cleaner forum will grow faster. There are so many different sites to link build with so I imagine this section will be the most active part of the link building forums.

0day Link Building Techniques:

Second is an experimental section of the forum for 0day Link Building Techniques which will share secret techniques that only a few eyes will see. To get into this forum you have to submit to me your technique to be approved into this section. I know this sounds kind of sktechy but I cannot see any other way and I will uphold your intel with the utmost privacy. Since others within this section has shared some of their secrets, it should make it worth exposing yours to gain access to all the other information.

Social Bookmarking:

The third section on the forum is for Social Bookmarking and I’d like people to talk about promotion and link building with various social bookmarking sites. This is also a good place to announce your niche bookmarking site, or a new one you’ve discovered. I love social bookmarking because you can get both do follow links and targeted traffic.

Blog Post Exchanges:

Fourth up is a concept I’ve wanted to see on other popular forums but haven’t come across, and that is a place to exchange Blog Posts. I want to be able to exchange blog posts either one-way or do some various 3-way methods to get more content rich backlinks. If you’re also looking for a guest poster this is the place to ask or request.

Do Follow Blogs & Forums:

The fifth section covers everything do follow for both blogs and forums. It seems this is quite the popular link building method at the moment that’s very mainstream. There are plenty of other ways to get better do follow links, but blogs and forums are just so damned easy to find.

Blogroll Link Exchanges:

My sixth section on the forum was an obvious choice for this type of forum. I imagine 99% of the members will have some sort of website that will want link exchanges for. I want to promote this but keep the exchanges niche based so you can build a solid link neighborhood. Doing too many unrelated link exchanges will only weaken your sites strength in the search engines as well hurt others you’ve traded with. Keep them to a minimum and when you trade with someone, stick to that deal.

Link Building Related Links:

The seventh part is all about promoting your media weather that be a video, blog post or article somewhere on the web. The Related Links section is not a place to spam the with crappy information or the whole forum will start going to the dogs.  Sponsors are welcome to post news about products as well, but if you have an affiliate program for that sponsor let me know. Running a forum also costs money so I’d like to cover the basics.

Social Media Marketing:

Last but not least is the section for Social Media Marketing. Using social media platforms and link building for that content is a very effective way of ranking for a hot keyword. I am a big fan of affiliate marketing with Youtube and Squidoo so you will see me being very active in this section.

So I hope I can build these forums up to be a fun place to hang out and learn as well conduct business within the community of link builders. I believe this niche is only beginning to blow up and I’d love to help it grow to become something respected.

Enough already….Visit the Link Building Forums.

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