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December 1  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’m not sure why I didn’t think to make a post earlier about the best online resource for link building strategies. Collin Lahay has been blogging about link building for a couple years now and is without a doubt the most enjoyable blog to read on the topic. I’m almost preaching to the choir writing about this because I’m sure most of you have been following the Link Building Cookbook feaverously for the past year.

What is the Link Building Cookbook?

The Link Building Cookbook is a guide for webmasters to quickly find websites that they can get to link to their websites. In a nutshell, this guide provides hundreds of places to get to link to you so that you can get more search engine traffic in a lot less time than building links the standard way.

The Link Building Cookbook is updated very frequently, and features thousands of places where normal webmasters would not have thought they could build links to their website. This guide helps you find “the diamonds in the rough,” or in other terms, the best places to build links without paying heavy amounts of money.

Collin has 36 entries so far plus a few misc link building tactics for you to spend countless hours working on! The guide is full of mostly dofollow link building strategies and what I love about it is the fact you won’t find this information anywhere else. There are a ton of blogs out there dedicated to link building that offer nothing but philisophy and I know you all know that I hate that. So thanks for letting me rant and I hope you folks go and subscribe to his feed and enjoy the innovative ideas Collin brings forth. I also want to clarify this post was in no way paid or offered, it’s out of respect for the great information he’s worked at putting out there.

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2 Responses to The Link Building Cookbook By Collin Lahay

  1. Well, you say preaching to the choir, but actually this is the first time that I have heard about the cookbook! I already went to go check it out, and there is some really good resources there. Don’t hesitate to preach to the choir again, because sometimes people like me who can’t sing are there too! ;)

  2. Sara Galdos says:

    I agree – very helpful indeed. We have just launched a site to help Spanish mother's ( and knowing where to begin in the dazzling world of link is tough.
    Many thanks

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