Tequila Avion Brand Update

October 21  |  Brand Building  |   Ryan Clark

I just thought I’d check up and see what has been going on with Tequila Avion since I last blogged about the sheer marketing genius going on. The Tequila has been mentioned on just about every celebrity blog, across multiple Tequila only websites as well as a plethora of high quality blogs. Their social media presence hit the ground running, and they’re still in the lead. I mentioned in my last post that it would take a while to crack the top 10 for the keyword Tequila, but it seems that things are looking brilliant for the company.

This marketing strategy has propelled them to spot #39 for the keyword Tequila ( according to Scroogle ), but I imagine you might see different results depending on where you live. I mentioned in my previous post that I didn’t expect them to get there that quick, and with more and more people talking about it, they should see some more movement. Keep in mind they’ve been doing a great job when they launch in a new city which alone nets them Liquor store links, as well a ton of local Twitter mentions. You can see there latest launch in Texas got some attention from the greatest Tequila blogs, and with flying sky banners you can’t go wrong.

I didn’t plan on an update this early so it will be really interesting to see how things continue on now until the end of the next season. I have no idea how hard they’re going to push Avion again, but I imagine it will be dominant throughout the season. I’d love to hear what you guys think about their marketing tactics, and what outcome you think might unfold.



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