Strange Google Listing Result

April 28  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

I was just Googling around for some local search stuff, non client related when I came across this strange anomaly within the SERPs. Forgive me if this isn’t something new, but I’ve never seen a Google listing pick up those characters from on page like this before, and it surely caught my eye. The link goes to a local Craigslist ad in which you can see why Google picked this up and is now showing it as is…so strange! Anyone got anything to say about this?

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8 Responses to Strange Google Listing Result

  1. Geoffroe says:

    Good lord, if SEM involves flashy ASCII art to grab people's attention I might just shoot myself.

    It does seem to work though… Get to work team!

  2. Sudarshan says:

    This is the first time I am seeing such a result…Dont know what google is upto these days!!

  3. I think it's an error on how it pulled that ascii…I'm open to hearing some wild conspiracy theories though :)

  4. Lea says:

    I've seen odd characters before – not many people use them.
    I am more interested in the complete lack of snippet or URL, etc.
    Are you sure it wasn't new placement of adwords? (We can't see the link)

    Bot those are very strange ascii characters. Maybe it was just a totally flakey mis-render?

  5. that would be the day lol

  6. kanejamison says:

    I'm pretty sure these people were gaming the system on Craigslist search results, and had no idea they would work on Google, too. Look at the screenshot when you search for “painting” under services offered for BC:

  7. SEO Services says:

    It's all depend on searching criteria. If you use some tags or sentence of 2 or 3 words you will get this type of results.

  8. Greate! i have not see this trick before. does google love it? can it take ban?

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