Starbucks Holiday Cups Out November 1st x Links Followed!

November 4  |  Link Bait Tactics  |   Ryan Clark

I’m currently writing an article on how big brands can score tons of links just by doing regular updates. I’m a Starbucks junky so I noticed the red holiday cups out and about first thing November 1st, and then I saw the news about it. I thought it would make for a quick but thought provoking post about how large companies can score links with ease. I also took a picture right now of my delicious Christmas Blend for those who are “too cool” for Starbucks and don’t know what I’m talking about.

If you go take a look at Google both in the regular area, blog search and discussions you’ll see roughly 50 thousand websites talking about it. That’s a lot of bloddy links, citations and social media buzz going about all for just a regular update from Starbucks. This is a perfect example of how you as a big brand can benefit from your fans across the web.

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4 Responses to Starbucks Holiday Cups Out November 1st x Links Followed!

  1. Kane Jamison says:

    I wonder if they get more links from new cups or from bringing back their pumpkin spice latte and/or egg nog drinks.

    Here’s the broader questions though: Why does Starbucks need links? Assuming that selling junk on their website isn’t a significant portion of their revenues, does ranking matter to them, or do they need the PR / awareness benefits?

    Interesting question for corporate-level marketing…

  2. Linkbuildr says:

    Starbucks doesn’t need the links that’s for sure. I more so just wanted to get across that regular updates from a brand with a following can just net those links with ease. I imagine they could funnel link juice internally to the right pages though…especially to their shop to rank for christmas gift terms and what not. It also pads their link profile with a lot more natural links which is great filler…especially if you are actively gaming anchor text in other areas. Love the balance!

  3. Kane Jamison says:

    Good points – especially that a holistic approach keeps the rest of your activities in balance.

  4. blondebomber says:

    This is SO true.  Updating is key to keeping the public on their toes.  My New York website design company tries to employ that method on our blog.  Interesting article and great example.  

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