Social Media Marketing and Management

Social media marketing is now standard for any business. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube are now your customers and potential business partners’ first stop online. With this, social media management has become a full time job in itself. Growing connections between your brand and your social media followers is the new face of public relations, trusted far more than traditional advertising.  Linkbuildr can handle your social media marketing, taking it farther than just Facebook posts, tweets and Youtube videos.
people the basis of all social media

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube account marketing and management
  • HootSuite utilization
  • easy for you and our team to co-manage your accounts

We utilize all our SEO and linkbuilding tactics to ensure every move you make in social media has a SEO ROI on top of your brand building and customer engagement. Through viral videos, linkbait content, online contests and other tactics we will expand your social media presence. We will manage your social media profiles, pages and metrics with HootSuite. You will be fully in the loop of all our activity, with the flexibility to co-manage your accounts with our team.

  • research into your style, personality and business to operate under your profile
  • operate as your ‘in-house’ social media manager for privacy from competitor
  • Facebook/Twitter contest marketing

communicationWe match your style and personality to manage under your profile, or represent you as your in-house social media manager, keeping your outsourced advantage between us, not with your competitors. Don’t be fooled by the sea of social media managers that only offer simple tweets and posts as a communications campaign. With Linkbuildr, we capitalize on all your social media activity with our SEO and linkbuidling tactics. This means you will see a ROI through both positive public relations with customers and through improved social media/search engine rankings and visibility.

Linkbuildr’s Social media services are offered alone are can be integrated with all other services we offer. Our campaigns are custom designed around your budget, needs and goals. We offer full personal service so you can always contact us with your questions or comments. We will walk you through our process and your campaign development to show what we are doing for you and why. You also can choose your level of involvement to match your schedule and your interest in our services.
ride the wave

  • Stand-alone service or fully integrated campaign
  • Full personal support from our staff
  • Free custom proposal

Please contact us for a free proposal for our social media services,or any of our integrated services and campaigns, all fully customized for you. Please follow our link below, we are happy to discuss what we can do for you in person.





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