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I’ve been branching out in my affiliate marketing efforts to other countries and have been loving the use of social bookmarking sites in those countries. I’ve been all about geo-targeting my link building for specific niche’s and you should be too if you’re targeting something in a specific location. Make sure to remember to post in the language of the originating bookmarking engine, and keep it non spammy! A warning to my readers…I try to explain the sites I’m listing and since some of them are in languages I do not comprehend, my descriptions might be all that accurate.

First up in the pr6 Polish news site Wykop which is quite like Digg/Reddit that covers everything nerdy and cool in Poland. Some of the sections range from technology, culture and sports. The sites sites just above the 14K ranking mark in Alexa and is showing slow but steady growth. Oh and if anyone is wondering, here is the link to the registration page.

Scoopeo is a site I regularly post news to for a few French Canadian clients I have for their French blogs. Although the site has seen a slump in daily homepage traffic, the social bookmarking site passes along its link love. Scoopeo also intergrates and active blog and forum into the site giving it that ultimate web 2.0 feel. Here is the link to the Sign Up page. is a German Digg like site that is very popular, active and boasts a page rank 8. The social news engine has over 300,00 pages indexed in Google and is a very good place to submit German related items. According to Alexa, the site has seen a significant drop in traffic lately, so sadly you can expect a little less traffic from Yigg. Here is a link to their registration page. is a very popular social bookmarking engine for Russian news and various sub categories. The Russian Internet community is a large one and they are very active within the web 2.0 community. You can expect a lot of good targeted traffic if you make it to the front page of It took me a while to find it but here is their registration page.

From my homeland of Canada comes the one and only social news site for Canadians, CKA News. I run a blog network for various Canadian websites so I’m a regular here and appreciate the service. As I always mention you won’t get far posting nothing but quality content on this site. They also provide a unique radio show that’s streamed on the web, and covers the top news from the site in depth. Here is a link to the registration page.

Blog Memes is a Spanish social bookmarking and news site that I’m sure you’ve heard of before. They are no new kid on the block and provide access to a large Spanish speaking audience. They provide a large list of news categories, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding readers who are interested in your topic. You can register online on their sign up page.

Linkk of the largest social news sites in Brazil is still growing every day, and you can get a ton of Brazilian traffic to your blog. The links are SEO friendly as well so you can enjoy that extra benefit. As of today there are over 30,000 registered users on Linkk so you can network with friends and people with the same interests. The site looks like it’s built on Pligg so the resgistration page was easy to find.

Choix is a Japanese web 2.0 social news site with great integration of videos of all things related to their culture. According to Alexa they have been growing fast in both traffic and members within the past few months. The site is decently easy to navigate even if you don’t speak Japanese, and you should expect a lot of traffic if you hit the front page. One down side to the site is that they don’t have SEO friendly urls. You can sign up on their registatrion page .

If anyone has one they would like to add to the list just drop the site in the comments and I will review for further inspection. Social news sites are not slowing down and there are still many niche sites coming out so keep your eyes peeled.

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  1. Hi, cool stuff but i looking forward to list of many social bookmarking site more than 50 sites. :)

  2. Jeet says:

    Indianpad and humsurfer are two Indian social bookmarking sites. And they get some really good traffic. You might want to include them in your list (after you do some background checks) :)

  3. karan says:

    Excellent points and article. It's really a vastly underused route but done right can offer nice exposure and drive natural & direct traffic. Keep up the great work!

  4. Its really useful list… that help to increase back links of our sites

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