Smarter Classifieds Marketing For Real Estate Agents

February 11  |  Local Business Marketing  |   Ryan Clark

I wanted to get into an older form of marketing agents either do a lot of, or stopped after getting discouraged from poor results. Classified sites are still a great way to bring in leads, I just think agents need to do it a little smarter. I’ll do my best to keep this post brief because once you get the gist of what I’m saying, the ideas will be a flowing! Remember to check in every day as we’re having Real Estate Marketing Month here and on many guest blogs.

While it doesn’t hurt to just list your latest property listings, you’ll still be see in front of a lot of eyes. As of late, I’ve noticed one really key feature about Craigslist, Kijiji, and others is that their listings can rank really easily for long tail keywords. How often have you noticed this but never thought to take advantage of it?

They key of course is just as simple as titling and making the first sentence right on top with what you want to rank for. This tactic is great for targeting the long tail, especially for new developments, communities and local specific real estate.

I will give you a specific example from my current place of residence here in beautiful Victoria BC. But before I do that, let’s quickly talk about links in your ads. While most classified sites expire after a certain period of time, I still think (keyword being think) that they’ll have a chance at temporarily passing some link juice. At the very least, make sure you fill out your profile on the sites that let you have one. A lot of them will have a place for a link and a followed links, so make your profile write up good and unique!

Example Of Classified Long Tail Domination!:

Keyword: sidney adult community condos (very popular retirement area here)

As you can see, this is a really interesting set of listings completely dominated by classified sites. This also tells me, that a well established local agent could get a page up targeting these keywords. That eventually should easily be able to out rank these classified listings, so make sure to do both! I recommend using your real estate blog to also tackle long tail terms like this. The advantage here with the classified sites though is the ability to rank top 5 within 12-24 hours!

List Of Classified Sites:

Keep in mind there are WAY more  classified sites out there, just do your best to determine the quality of them before wasting your time. I’ll list the top ones here of course, but don’t exclude sites that are built for your local area only. These will not only be great for ranking, you know that most of the traffic on that site is for your area only. Simply brilliant!



If you’re competing in a tough real estate market then why not get out help and focus on your core business. Link building, social media marketing and all the bits in between is a full time job and that’s what our team is for. We not only have a vast real estate marketing skill set, we have a passion for the industry and take pride in building up your brand.


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4 Responses to Smarter Classifieds Marketing For Real Estate Agents

  1. Ryan I learn something every time you post anything at all!

  2. Anup says:

    Great tips for a real estate blogger. The second one -to comment on real estate news- in fact will help you build authority faster in my opininon. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for the information regarding Craiglist Oodle etc. I have given craiglist a cursory glance but never really saw the benefits given the expiry period. Your contribution certainly gave me a few ideas. I look forward to exploring them. @ownpropertyslu @propertystlucia please have a read.

  4. Yes! Long tail domination! I have had lots of traffic come in on the long tail, so your advice is terrific! When I’m doing my keyword research, I don’t even try for the highest search volume terms – I go for the ones in the middle, and that has been working great. Ironically, as my site ranks more and more on the long tail, it’s also ranking better for the harder ones, too.

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