Small Business Branding With Kevin Spidel

October 18  |  Brand Building  |   Ryan Clark

Here’s a wicked 45 minute lecture on small business branding during the 2010 CenPhoCamp conference which was held in downtown Phoenix. Kevin Spidel does a great job covering what’s hot and not, as well how do build your small business in these tough times. Everyone here at Linkbuildr has built this company from the ground up and love to share information. This is the kind of lectures I wish I could get out and do, so for now I’ll stick to the awesome people out there doing it large. Kevin Spidel should be a known name to most of you marketers, but if not check out his bio and see the amazing work he’s been involved in.

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2 Responses to Small Business Branding With Kevin Spidel

  1. Really an awesome one, the best thing about the lecture is, it is not like a formal one it seems like he is honestly working to show the path of success to small business owners.

  2. kris says:

    yeah this is great stuff – small businesses must really focus on their branding and get even closer to their customers than medium and large companies, because with small business the customers expect a level of intimacy in the service and the product.

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