Seth Godin TED Talk On Tribes

August 23  |  Brand Building  |   Ryan Clark

This Seth Godin talk he did for one of his TED talks is a real gem and if you somehow missed it, then here it is. I’m a huge fan of his and our slogan kind of hints at that. While most people associate us with building links, we’re trying to change that in a big way. It all starts with an idea, and ultimately how you spread that idea to others. Seth Godin is a man you should listen to intently so check out this video and then all his other talks you can find on Youtube.


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  1. Simon Gerard says:

    this is a classic talk, Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing and Tribes provides the psycho/sociological concepts of how marketing through email, blogs, social media and seo works. Being in this industry I am forever grateful. 

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