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November 26  |  Link Building Tools, News  |   Ryan Clark

I’m finally writing something and even though it’s a little bit promotional, it’s still something you can build links with. A couple social media addict friends of mine just recently launched PRbuzzer to fill the need for a stronger buzz. The main idea is to provide a powerful press release service that would not only get the word out, but maximize the link acquisition and harness social media traffic.

There has been talk of Google not passing much value to links via press releases and I can see why people would say that, and why it’s true. A lot of people use press releases for the sole fact of garnering links, and not because they have PR quality news to get out. This usually leads to a uninformative press release that should most likely not have gone out to the public.

PRbuzzer has in house PR writer’s that are there to make sure your release is the highest quality possible. Your release gets put through all the usual avenue of authoritative news sites, sent to tens of thousands of journalists and is distributed through a network of over 400,000 RSS partner’s. Those RSS partner’s I found are  best utilized by carefully selecting the tags in your release.

The social media aspect is still in beta, and by that I mean the Twitter and retweet network they’re building will be a huge asset. Twitter is a great way to bring some targeted eyes to your news and they’re working on building quite the “Tweet Presence”. You can follow the PRbuzzer Twitter account if you’re wanting to follow releases and participate in the social media aspect. They’re growing the account naturally in order to make sure the most amount of social interaction takes place.

On top of it all your business gets a profile in the PRbuzzer business directory which includes a custom written “About Us” profile, links to your companies websites and social media accounts as well. Every press release put through will also be added to your companies news archive which is housed on your company profile in the directory. They are also working on a widget your company can embed into their news section which helps you promote your companies news on your website and social media profiles.

I’ve been testing it with my clients and I’ve quite happy with the results in regards to links obtained and the traffic it has generated. No press release gets massive traffic despite what some vendors might say, so keep that in mind when hunting for a PR service. Although it’s a new service you still get those sexy sexy links, your news gets pushed around all over and you should be pretty happy with the outcome. This post by the way was not asked for, paid for or exchanged for any midnight loving.

*I have been told that I can offer a discount to try it out, so anyone wanting to just use my contact form to get in touch! You can also use the PRbuzzer contact page and tell them linkbuildr(Ryan) sent you.

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6 Responses to SEO + Social Media + Press Release =

  1. cuff links says:

    Social media in an interactive medium to promote your companies profile and SEO is an part of social media as such.

  2. Jake says:

    Hi mate,
    Just thought I'd let you know that I'm browsing your site on a teeny-weeny netbook screen (using flock browser) and your site looks a bit weird. The Ads are sticking out of the modules. I'm sure it's just because of the small screen but a lot of people are browsing with netbooks these days so perhaps you should look into it.
    Sorry if I've ruined your Saturday evening!

    PS.It's just the adverts at the top of the page, the ads are sticking out of the boxes.

  3. Jeff Gold says:

    PRBuzz sounds pretty awesome with a lot of promise. I usually just write my own press releases but I think PrBuzz sounds a lot more effective. Thanks for sharing-I'll definitely be checking out their services.

  4. This sounds like a really great and valuable tool. Like Jeff I've usually just written and uploaded my own which can take some time. PRBuzzer sounds much more productive. Thanks for sharing such a great find.

  5. PR Buzzer’s pretty good if you want your press release to get out there in a short period of time, especially if it’s meant to build hype for an upcoming event. 

  6. car loan says:

    its still true today.

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