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November 6  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

Well I’ve got so many clients to track keywords for, most of which don’t have a blog so I cannot use the WordPress plugins that would make this part of the job easier. But thankfully a fellow Linkbuildr reader and now friend, Will Reinhardt, gave me access to his SEO Keyword Ranking tool.  I asked if I could review it out of the kindness of my heart, so this in no way influenced by money what-so-ever(so f%$! off Google :).

This tool is for one thing and one thing only…tracking your position in the search engines. I’ve used a bunch of free tools, paid tools and doing it by hand but the simplicity of SEO Keyword Ranking takes the cake. The tool tracks all the major search engines and provides reports on a time schedule, depending on how you want it. The reports are handled two ways, one within your account and secondly, straight via email all packaged in a nice and easy to read report. This is great because I can send my clients the reports automatically without worrying about it, and if I ever need to review them they’re only a few clicks away.

So lets talk about the pricing. A lot of the other keyword rank tools out there cost quite a bit but you won’t have to worry about that here. William has included 3 different pricing structures, the first being 100% free and the ability to track 3 projects with 5 keywords per project. The standard package is only $9/month and allows you to track 10 projects with 50 keywords per project. The highest package available is only $24/month which tracks 20 projects and upto 200 keywords per project. I encourge you all to sign up for a free account and give it a whirl and then report back in the comments here.

Cons: These cons only effect you if you are using this for clients as well, and I can imagine would be a lot of you. First up I would like to see some sort of unlimited account option because I sometimes do work for 20 clients/projects a month and would quickly run out of space. Secondly I would REALLY like to see an option to send reports via email to my client as well, or just my client. This would allow me to sit back and not worry about sending reports…I’m kinda lazy sometimes! I doubled checked to make sure this feature wasn’t in there, and if it is and I missed it Will….I appologize.

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12 Responses to SEO Keyword Ranking Tool Review

  1. I bought this tool but i really wish they enable you to use more than 20 project. This limit is a bit lame and i cant see the reason. I need at least 50 projects.

  2. Dennis Edell says:

    I’ve never used any, so I’ll sign up for this one and see what happens. Thanks! :)

    Dennis Edells last blog post..8 Effective Viral Marketing Techniques

  3. Will says:

    Thank you for the review! We do indeed plan on adding features like the ability to email to a client. We’ll have to look at an unlimited version though. You’re correct to state that these are currently not available.

    Rock on.

  4. admin says:

    Hey Tjana,

    Will will be watching the comments like a hawk so it will be up to him to figure out what to do about more clients. Other than that, how are you liking it? I just met with a client today and printed off the reports…he loved it. Simple and looks great!

  5. Matt Mikulla says:

    If anyone is interested we have include a really great SERP Tracker in our tool set Raven SEO Tools. You can research and add kewords withing Raven. Those keywords then go into the database and are tracked. You and the client can output SERP reports for all keywords or map an individual keyword’s progress. It makes my job much easier.

  6. admin says:

    I Was planning on getting around to writing about the Raven tools Matt. I’d love to check em out and perhaps also get them covered on the upcoming podcast.

  7. karalynia says:

    Hi bro. all tools are good but i think Exactfactor tool takes more time to process. All are good.

  8. Kredittkort says:

    If I understood this right, the software is meant to track your rankings at all times, to see tendencies? If so it would be quite useful i think. Right now i use programs that only track rankings when i ask it too, so i am probably missing a lot of info. Will check around for some reviews, but it looks promising.

  9. Fotballsko says:

    It looks alright, but the free version is useless. with only 3 projects and 5 keywords per project you don't have nearly enough for this to be useful.

  10. I must say that i’ve never really found google webmaster tools that accurate for determine rankings. so use this tool because this is a very effective tool for search ranking.

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