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SAPE Links – Google’s Coming For You

February 16  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

sape links google penalty
For some reason SAPE links has not been touched by Google’s nasty magic ban wand but it looks like after a lot of chatter via SEO forums, Matt Cutts is a coming for them. While I hope no legit business has been running these links because if so, I’d get on the disavow train pretty quick. The majority of the other people I imagine are affiliate sites than an just turn and burn as they say. Either way, if you’re relying on lame link building like this for your legit business and want to stop, give me a shout to hear how we do it right.

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8 Responses to SAPE Links – Google’s Coming For You

  1. СЕО бомж says:

    Сапку не трогайте!

  2. Lord of SEO says:

    That fucking prick knows jack shit, just a PR drone that the white hat newbs worship

  3. MOPTmedia says:

    Ah well, get it while you still can & bank hard :-)

  4. BHW member says:

    Author was obviously prowling BHW yesterday

  5. СЕО Хрен says:

    Да нихуя не тронут. Тупых гавнюков запугают и то хорошо. Нехуй им делать на Сапке.

  6. Andrew Kapral says:

    Are you serious? You would get on the disavow train?

    Matt Cutts openly admits (I’m sure many already knew/expected) to looking into what is probably the SAPE network, and your suggestion is that those who used SAPE links voluntarily give him the links that were purchased via Webmaster Tools/disavow?

    For the record I do not use SAPE but I have seen its power and it is no surprise that Google is looking into it closely. It is obviously a very blackhat solution, but when it comes to the churn and burn affiliate sites that is exactly the type of linking strategy that is necessary.

    I am in full agreement that legitimate businesses should always use white hat SEO strategies, however I feel a much better solution if a business chose to use SAPE would be to simply stop paying the monthly fees…all disavow will do in my opinion is scream to Google “HEY LOOK AT THESE LINKS I BOUGHT BUT PS PLEASE DON’T CONSIDER THEM”

  7. Flodner says:

    Why do you think he meant Sape? it could be one of the software from the hundred of available now. Or it can be a software (service) which works on sape, but not this site directly.

  8. TheTruth says:

    SAPE will never die it is too big and they an never shut something down that has that many domains and LTD’s. Good luck white hat guys. Keep sucking Google’s ass while the grey hat guys are making your money.

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