Real Time Marketing in Social Media

July 26  |  Viral Marketing  |   Ryan Clark


I’ve been all over real time marketing tactics for some of my clients lately and I’ve been trying to soak it all in. The very well respected Lee Odden of TopRank Marketing had this video out nearly a year ago. Fast forward to now and soak in all that’s going on within real time search in the last 6 months….got your attention now? Real time search is also powered by links, but not the type you want only for the link juice. Think about this, and what Lee talks about briefly because the marketing game is changing yet again, and quickly.


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5 Responses to Real Time Marketing in Social Media

  1. Stuart Brown says:

    As a sales training company it’s important for us to stay ahead of the curve. Extremely informative, for both newbies and advanced marketers. Great post.

  2. Vernon says:

    Nice lil video piece. Social media is undoubtedly playing a bigger role in society and in consumer decisions every day.

  3. Mike Helton says:

    That's an informative video. Shows us that the guys had a good bead on what was coming.


  4. How can I incorporate social media into my small business marketing effort?

  5. Now its a very tough time for all the marketing people. Good luck to all of you'll…

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