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March 22  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I know a few others have already posted on link building with your podcast, so I’ll try and present some new ideas as well go in depth into others. A lot of people have had great success with a podcast alone, but there is another obvious benefit, and that is the one way link.

I don’t really like the Odiogo method because you’re essentially cluttering the web with the same content, and no one really wants to listen to a digital voice either. If you do a podcast properly within a niche that you care about or already an authority in, then the listeners will flock to you. I used to do an audio podcast that was music related a few years ago and it lasted about 6 months. The one thing I learned was that it was hard to maintain updating on a regular basis.

If you do happen to be podcasting for your company, niche or blog then there’s no harm in building strong links while attracting more listeners. There have already been lists of places to submit your podcast for links so I’m going to cover a few less mentioned ones that have popped up in the past year, and as well some oldies but goodies.

Adding a podcast to your online web presence which adds more credibility and substance to your overall “web pie”. Adding media like this is a great way to jump ahead of other people within in your niche, and will no doubt help with your rankings. If you’d like to do more to become a strong web presence look into making your website mobile, or adding a forum which lets the world(and Google) know you mean business.

PodBean.com is one of the webs largest podcast directories that has been around for years thus packs a lot of link weight.Once you’ve signed up to PodBean, you can then setup your custom podcast page with your feed, some content and of course dofollow links within the profile. If you keep up a regular show schedule it will help immensely in getting your podcast page indexed and pass on the much needed link love.

BlogTalkRadio.com is a really cool site I frequent for personal pleasure, not just lurking around in the dark like most link builders. The site has been around for a couple of years now and has seen a lot of growth lately in traffic and users. You get your own profile here and they are of course indexed by the search engines, but you have to be an active podcaster for this to be worth your time. Your episode guides can also contain links to important things you mention in the show, and they’re dofollow.

PodcastPeople.com is new to me and I scoped it out hours before writing this post, which makes me one of those link builders lurking in the dark. This site offers a whole suite of amazing tools at your podcasting disposal. On top of getting a dofollow link within your profile, you get your own subdomain to go along with a very content rich podcast page. With your page you get a sweet audio player for your podcast, comments from users and of course archives. The site’s setup is allowing some great internal linking so the pagerank is being siphoned nicely.

MyPodcast.com has been around for a few years and is another great source to spread your podcast. The podcast pages are a little messy and remind me of Myspace, but regardless you can build up a strong page with your content. You can write essentially a blog post with each episode which can include dofollow links, and your sidebar has a place for links to your resources as well.

Podomatic.com has been listed in other people’s posts before but I’m going to mention it still because it is a great site to host your podcast on. There are a lot of active listeners that take part in the site which gives it a huge bump in my mind. Remember that there are tens of thousands of podcasts already, so you want to make sure your page stays indexed. Putting up that great content and getting user interaction will almost guarantee it. Each podcast post can have links in it as well your get a place in the sidebar to link with, and both are dofollow.

Podnova.com is one of the cleanest podcast hosting sites I’ve seen on the market and its of course 100% free. The site has very little advertising on both the site and your podcast page, leaving you with a lot of room to put good content down. The format follows the same route as most others and allows dofollow links within the episode content and within your show profile.

Blubrry.com was new to me and caught my eye with not only a cool name, but a very clean minimal design. Your users podcast page is very clean with just the goods, each podcast episode with a nifty easy access iphone feature, and a guestbook for users to leave some feedback. You cannot choose your anchor text but you can get a dofollow link back to the “podcast homepage”, and most of the active pages had a pagerank of 4 or higher!

Mevio.com is the last item on the list and used to be the giant podcast site Podshow.com. If you’ve never been here before I urge you to take an hour or two to browse some shows, because this is where high quality and podcasting come together. You get your own subdomain with your podcast account and one very sexy looking design. Mevio seems to be taking advantage of a nice internal linking structure on their own, so the pages seem to get crawled quite a bit. They have just about half a million pages indexed! Other than that, you can get a link back to your project homepage, and it is dofollow!

Thanks for reading the post and I hope you found it useful. There are dozens upon dozens of other great podcast hosting sites you can use for link building, but they’ve been covered before by other good bloggers. I’ll link to some other resources that should help fill in the gap and keep you busy for hours to come.

Podcast Link Building Resources:

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