Pepsi Santa Commercial Is A Hit

July 4  |  Viral Marketing  |   Ryan Clark

It’s been a long while since Pepsi has come out with a really good commercial, and for the longest while it has seemed like they’ve been in hiding. I’ll admit, I enjoy the flavour of Pepsi a lot more than its counter part, and this is something Simon @ Linkbuildr is not going to be pleased to hear once again coming from my mouth. The Ad Agency TBWA are the masterminds behind this awesome commercial, and that’s no surprise to me. Give it a watch and let me know what you think!

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3 Responses to Pepsi Santa Commercial Is A Hit

  1. Simon Gerard says:

    While I have been a member of the coke party since birth, I always enjoy good advertising. And it is 2011, and I think pepsi and coke drinkers can not only co-exist peacefully, but even work together! I think our work relationship is a step forward towards peace between opposing brand loyals in marketing.  Maybe one day we’ll see not just a Pepsi and Coke machines in the same ad agency office, but also Macbooks and Windows-based laptops!

  2. Solsonic says:

    Dead good, though, for someone accostumed to spend his Christmas Holidays in the Southern Hemisphere, is not as “shocking” as any advert ought to be.

  3. Well i just love this ad. Amazing idea Summer time is pepsi time.

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