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Pay Me To Remove Your Unnatural Link

July 17  |  Black Hat, Link Cleanup  |   Ryan Clark

I just came across a Google Webmaster Central thread where an SEO firm doing a link cleanup kept coming across webmasters requesting a monetary fee to have the “illicit” link removed. The Linkbuildr team talked about something like this happening a few weeks ago during a company retreat and now we see something in the wild. We don’t do link takedown requests on behalf of clients for two reasons:

  1. We help people attract links, not build sh#@ links.
  2. We don’t build sh#@ links. If a major brand has a trillabazillion naughty links, the cleanup mess is going to be a bloody nightmare.

How have you been handling requests for processing fees in response to your link removal requests?

Some webmasters are now requesting processing fees from $20 to $500 to remove links from their web sites.

I don’t like paying those fees, as I did not ask them to place the links in the first place. On the other hand, they see it as a reasonable fee for the time and effort required to remove links. Nobody likes to work for free.

The web site I am currently working on has over half a million inbound links and the link removal processing fees are starting to add up to quite considerable numbers.

How do you handle such requests?

EastwoodThere is a great possibility this person is trolling, but this scenario is definitely not far fetched at all. I imagine a lot of companies will do anything to get out of Penguin’s grip and pass that manual review. I’m probably not helping the situation by blogging about this as other nefarious webmasters are likely to start doing this to other companies trying to clean up a link mess. Regardless of the negatives, what do you folks think? Would you pay a webmaster or track them down and go Eastwood on their behinds?

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5 Responses to Pay Me To Remove Your Unnatural Link

  1. Mark says:

    All seems a bit silly – is there even any evidence that taking down all those dodgy links will lead to a recovery? I bet Google are rubbing their hands at the fact that SEOs are spending all their time taking down links instead of creating new ones. I’d just cut my losses and either move to a new domain, or if that isn’t possible, work on some REAL marketing, that is not so reliant on Google for traffic, or that creates real, quality links that are just as likely to promote recovery as removing the old ones is!

  2. I think the best play is to just follow the proper take down / notification process with Google. Extortion like this is never fun!

  3. Couldn’t agree more Dan and thanks for your input!

  4. We’ve definitely helped a couple LARGE brands get out of a manual penalty and it worked….the time effort and costs were insane though and we won’t be doing that again.

  5. holden says:

    if the big G doesn’t want us paying to get links, i’d like to think we shouldn’t have to pay to remove them either

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