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January 13  |  Paid Links  |   Ryan Clark

Now you might be double taking at the title because most of you who read this blog know I am not in favor of paid links. Now with that being said, why the hell am I talking about them? Well for the past couple of months I’ve been taking on a lot of clients which involves me to research their competitors backlink profiles. I’ve also taken on a few clients who were competing for some very dominated keywords, and from what I’ve learned is that paid links are still king.

Over the past week I’ve been working in a niche for a client that is tough to break into and we’re starting down a long road of link building. I won’t name the niche at all out of respect for my client, and I don’t want to out anyone for paid links because that’s not my agenda here. From what I have seen it is safe to say Google is not able to keep up at all with paid links, and perhaps they are only targeting sites that are listed in paid link networks. Besides the obvious it seems the best way is to go underground and contact these sites one on one.

From what I can tell, within some of these competitive niches the sites buying links usually are very in quality in regards to content and design. So I’ll admit the sites, even though paying for hundreds of links, should most likely still be ranking where they are. So will these sites eventually get the ban hammer dropped upon them? I’m starting to think most likely not, but I’m going to be keeping my eye on a few sites to see within the next year what happens. I’m also wondering if these sites were buying links years ago and because they’re all decently old, are they getting a get out of jail free pass?

I took a good amount of time looking at the advertising pages that some of the link sellers had open to the public. Most of them did not seem to fear the big G at all and openly set prices to text links. On top of that a lot of these sites had a solid PageRank of 5-7, and again it brings me back to wondering just how solid an old domain can be. So with all that being said, what are your thoughts on paid links(sorry to beat a dead horse, but she’s still breathing a little)?

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15 Responses to Paid Links – The Best Way To Rank In The Top 10

  1. I thought Google recently changed their algorithm so that paid links get very little credit?

  2. linkbuildr says:

    Well that was the idea. But if you look at the profiles for a lot of competitive niches, you'll see most of the top ranking sites with tons of paid links…and in some cases I've seen 500+ lately.

  3. JRL says:

    I think that it is inevitable when you are trying to rank for highly competitive KW and against the big guns, there is no other way to beat them. Believe me, they are all buying links and selling them as well.

    I also think that it is expensive and unless you can afford and justify a hefty monthly price tag for those links, then it will be very difficult. So, if you are a lone marketer working at home, I would not shoot for high competition keywords and stick with micro niches where you can still make money without spending hundreds on paid links each month that you may not make back.

  4. agreed, JRL, you can still find nice KW that are cheap to exploit but the competitive ones cost tons of money , but there is more money to be had for everyone so it balances out.

  5. linkbuildr says:

    Great points. Even better, jump on a niche as its starting out to keep in the tops over the long run, That being said, you're going to need to do your homework and make sure that new niche will be big business in the long run.

  6. JRL says:

    @ Bill
    I agree, if you can invest the cash, then certainly the payoff potential is huge!

  7. It seems like it is tough for Google to patrol all the paid link sites that are out there. I would certainly pay for links from good sites in competitive fields, but there are also many great ways to build links for free in less competitive words and still rank well.

  8. Cool Gadgets says:

    I answer maybe, because it is not certain. It only depends.

  9. Neo says:

    Good analysis. You have raised right point. Someone should give this page's link to Matt Cutts. He is the person who always says that we are good enough to find most of Paid links.

  10. Patric H. says:

    In my experience, I have found that just about every competitive niche has its link buyers, and most often they do rank very well for their keywords. From my perspective the primary reason they are buying links is because they are not good seo's, good link monkeys, call them whatever helps you sleep at night, either way they are inexperienced. On various projects I have stomped government websites, college .edu sites, link buyers and well seo'd websites without ever purchasing a link.

    In fact I have a couple sites holding number one positions for terms with over 20 million results and I never spent more than new domain registration and hosting fees. So do you need to buy links? Absolutely not? But are they beneficial? Yes and no, depending on the situation, I think they are a faster way to get the same results that you would if you went with good old fashioned link building.

    The problem with getting rankings faster is that your website hasn't had a sufficient amount of time to build authority. Even though you have a top serp ranking it doesn't mean that you have authority. I have found that websites that rank well fast often get knocked out of placement even faster, once that happens it will be harder than ever before to regain those rankings.

    However, if you build links naturally and over time, you also build an exceptional amount of authority within the domain. Authority is important, when you publish a new post and it automatically goes into the top 10 with no other effort, that is the power of having an authority website, and those are the types of sites that will make you real money.

    In regards to Google finding out about paid links, if you play the game smart it would be near impossible. Usually, the people that get slapped by Big G are very sloppy link buyers. I would recommend that if anything you contact webmasters one on one and work private deals. You don't want a whole bunch of links in the "Our Sponsors" section or something similar. In content text links are the most beneficial and usually the cheapest as well. Blogroll's and other sitewides are a waste of money and easy to spot. Paid sponsor posts/reviews are the same thing, who can't tell that its an advertisement and it is obvious that you paid for it, stay away from them.

    Just my two cents!

  11. jameskang777 says:

    very interesting post,

  12. tom says:

    Ive realized this too, for very competitive niches. Ive even had a professional SEO guy say i basically need to buy links to get to my desired position.

  13. Paid links from related sites is very safe and powerful, but very expensive also.

  14. Yes, now Google has started to give importance to paid links. Mostly give the no follow back links. But paid are do follow that is why Google is giving importance it. I am going to get paid links.

  15. I Agree. Recent days Google give more importance for paid links.Getting paid links from niche sites is the efficient way to keep our website on top of Google search engine.

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