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March 3  |  Link Directories  |   Ryan Clark

A lot of you may never had paid for inclusion in a directory, and the other lot of you know the benefits of the key players still left on the market. Directory links are sometimes iffy business these days, so is there anything left paying for? To keep it short the answer is yes, but let’s take a closer look at which I think are worth paying for.

Some of you may be business owners, or SEO consultants, but there are a few things you have to keep in mind before paying for inclusion. The most authoritative and quality directories left with a lot of traffic, good Pagerank and link juice are mostly directories you pay for. Over the past couple of years I’ve kept most of my directory link building within the niche of the client, and only submit to the few quality directories in their market. I’ve never bothered with directory submitting software mainly because I believe in quality over quantity.

Some of these directories listed below will most likely always show up in the backlink profiles of people ranking for the toughest keywords on the web. I’m not saying they’re god’s gift to ranking well, but it really does say something about the quality of your website if you have some of these backing you. One of the major thing I’ve seen over my years is that you’ll quickly notice your search engine position stops bouncing around so much. If you’re a new site, these are also a great first step in getting past the hurtles of ranking in a crowded marketplace.

The Yahoo Directory – This is the most well known paid directory that most serious businesses online will have included themselves in. The Yahoo directory provides you with a very juicy dofollow link that I recommend to all my clients. The price for a review into the directory is $299 per year and recurring fee’s every year after that. Directory – If you’re running a business then this is the ultimate first step in gaining trust within the search engines. This directory has been running strong for a decade, and with that age and trust comes one powerful backlink. The price for this directory is $299 USD with a recurring fee of $299 USD yearly.

V7N Directory – The v7n webmaster community has been a great asset to the online community, and their web directory has stood the test of time. The directory requires a human review so only quality sites should be submitted to the directory. The cost is a one time fee of only $49 USD which is fair cost for the quality submission. Submit your site now.

Best Of The Web – This is one of the oldest web directories on the block and has out lasted anything in its path. They’ve kept things fresh by keeping a very clean directory, as well making two additions to the site. Those two additions being the blog directory and local search directory. The price is also right at BOTW, you can either pay a yearly fee of $99 USD, or a one time fee of $250 USD which will last a lifetime. Click Here To Submit To BOTW.

Aviva Directory – This directory is another oldie and a goodie. Running for almost 6 years now, the Aviva Directory has provided a clean and quality web directory that has long since been reckognized as an authoritative directory.  They have two different listing options with the first bring only $49.95 USD yearly for a regular link. The second being $74.95 yearly for a premium listing which gets featured at the top of the category. Click Here To Submit.

Massive Links Directory – This is another great web directory that has seen a lot of traffic growth over the past 6 months. So not only are you getting link juice from this site, you should see a steady flow of web traffic as well. The directory is surprisingly clean and full of medium to high quality sites only, so don’t submit a lousy site. Directory – Going on its 10th year in business, this web directory holds a Pagerank of 6 and has a ton of quality traffic. Listing within this directory is only $39.99 one time fee which is a killer deal for what you get. Submit Your Site Now.

WhatUseek Directory – This directory has been online since 1996! They hold a Pagerank of 7 and is still one of the top sites on the web. Your link in this directory is very juicy and well worth the price to get in. You’re looking at only $24.99 for a regular listing, or you can pay more for a review within 2 business days. There is a yearly recurring fee of only $14.99 and you can submit your site here.

Family Friendly Sites – A web directory composed of you guessed it, family friendly websites only. This directory has been running for 9 years and holds a Pagerank of 6. This is another high quality directory you can get a juicy link from starting at only $19.95/year for a basic listing, $49.99 for a permanent listing and $59.95 for a yearly premium listing. Submit your site today.

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  1. linkbuildr says:

    None that I can recommend right now, but you just have me a post idea :)

  2. CMS says:

    I personally would never pay for a listing in a directory

  3. e cigarette says:

    WELL,I BET TO "PAY FOR <<good Pagerank and link juice>>NOWDAYS OTHER ARE #WORTHY#

  4. it;s only valid for "limited stuff" (i mean paid links),not everything that is going to popular nowdays!

  5. yes thats right. directories demanding payment should be worthy of being paid. the list that you have provided is quite impressive.

  6. Brad Hart SEO says:

    I completely agree and practice the same SEO link building tactics. Good blog post!

  7. denzal wellington says:

    Paid directories are a useful resource for strengthening ties and most people often submit to directories for back links or link building. While still free directories available, the quality human edited directory with high PageRank often charge fees for review / registration, which ranges from $ 5 to $ 299, whether permanent list or advertising. Very often, the most paid directories charge a small fee to limit the number of posts or spam submissions.

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