PageRank Update January 2011…Big Deal

January 20  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

While the forums, twitter and blogs are a flutter with a PageRank update, I’m still surprised anyone cares anymore. The craze over the little green bar still makes some people feel all warm and tingly inside, but really, are you seeing any more traffic or ranking increases? Chances are they are not. It’s 2011, the year everyone should forget it as a quality measure and keep in mind what’s really going on in the algorithm!

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2 Responses to PageRank Update January 2011…Big Deal

  1. Patrick Hake says:

    We are actually seeing the opposite. We have been building links to our site since June of last year, and the traffic is up 40% in that time, our rankings continue to rise in the SERPS and the number of product pages that are indexed has doubled in that time. However, our pagerank has not moved at all during the most recent update. Personally, I would rather have the traffic increase than to have the green bar go up. To me the SERPS and traffic are the only real metrics worth following in Google to measure success. I can see how the PR might be relevant for pages that sell advertising, but for our case we do not, so I don’t care.

  2. daus says:

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