Outdoor Adventures Whistler & Howling Dog Tours: Reputation Management Nightmare

February 1  |  Reputation Management  |   Ryan Clark

There is a hot new topic going around about the slaughtering of around 100 sled dogs in Whistler BC. While everyone is currently calling on a full out Boycott of Adventures Tours Whistler, they’re saying they had sold the dogs to Howling Dog Tours of Whistler BC. Howling Dog Tours has already place the blame on some other bloke who is supposedly the killer of all those cute puppies. While it’s almost too late for them to recover in the next few years, it sure makes for an interesting reputation management post. Regardless of this, living in Whistler BC is still one of the best spots in North America!

The quickness of social media, and the power of viral marketing has currently spawned boycotts of the companies, endless blog posts and REALLY bad looking press. If you search for both companies in Google, you’ll see a plethora of news posts ranking right below regarding the dog slaughtering. This is going to hurt them big time no matter what they do, and even if they didn’t kill a single dog. This is a VERY important lesson to be learned because one slip up can bring your company to its knees. It’s too bad the same didn’t happen for some Wall Street firms I remain to not name…

So you wanna see just how badly this is effecting them within 24 hours of the news coming out? Sure you do! I can only imagine this is going to get worse before it gets better, but at least Adventure Tours has already got a press release fired off and ranking in the top 10. Howling Dog Tours has put up a statement on their website to tame the angry visitors, but I’d expect this not to relent for some time to come. Lets take a look at Twitter and Google, and when you look at these results, put yourself in the mind of a potential customer.

Outdoor Adventures:


Howling Dog Tours:

All I can say is I hope the person responsible for the dog shootings gets some jail time or a huge fine, and that the future social media director for any of the companies gets a big paycheck. So keep in mind the next time you’re thinking of doing something stupid, illegal or shady with your company that you remember this post.

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