Our Google Panda Commercial

July 20  |  Viral Marketing  |   Ryan Clark

So taking some of our advice from the Fiverr post the other day, we got a fun little commercial made up for our brand. While it isn’t a $5 million dollar ad agency job, we paid a measly $5 for this quick commercial about Google Panda. This is just one example of affordable and cool marketing you can get on a microjob site like Fiverr, I mean it can’t hurt right?


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3 Responses to Our Google Panda Commercial

  1. Simon Gerard says:

    love it! hard to stay mad at the google panda after this

  2. Kane says:

    5 bucks well spent. I’m a little surprised at the effectiveness actually… did you write the script for them or did they actually come up with that?

  3. Linkbuildr says:

    I just told her to pretend like the puppet was the Google Panda update and how you have to give us a call if your site got pwned. She improvised it all pretty much and I can’t complain for the cost.

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