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Link Building With Website Reviews On Forums

August 27  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been compiling a very large list of forums that are do follow and have a section for website reviews which are a great way to get some some feedback as well snag some juicy links(ooo sexy links). Most of my readers are aware of the sections that Digital Point and V7N provide for website reviews, so I’ve hunted down a lot more for your personal link building enjoyment.

First up is the forum that everyone loves to hate(well mostly), Digital Point Forums. DPF has been a home to me for a couple of years only due to the giant user base which provides a great place to promote my articles, waste time and occasionally learn something. They do however provide a great place to get your websites reviewed by the fine folks at DPF. To get your review you have to sign up and then head on over to the Digital Point Website Review section.

V7N is another huge webmaster community with a lot of down to earth people who will give your website an honest review. I really like V7N mainly because the level of professionalism there even though the forum is filled with noobs. Not only will you get a decent review but the amount of people that look at the threads in the section should also bring in a decent amount of traffic for the first day or two. Get off your ass and head on over to get your website reviewed at V7N.

The High Rankings Forum has a really large and active community and you must have at least 20 posts before you can request a website review. Now if you mosey on over and look at their website review section, you’ll notice they get a staggering amount of views, so the potential for traffic is great! These forums are well worth taking part of every day so go on over and sign up.

The Web Developer Forum is a great place have your website reviewed as long as you do not come off as spammy. I understand that link builders are going to be considered spammy more often that not, so just becareful and only put your backlink once in the review write up. The forum is also a great place to keep up on web design and is worthy of a registration. Head on over to get your website review.

The Searchen Forums is a place I like to haunt a few times a week and low and behold…a website review section! The review section isn’t too active which can be both good and bad. On the one hand it might take a bit to get a review, and on the plus side your review should stay on the first page for a lot longer. Head on over to sign up and get your review.

The last one I’ll at least write about are the Zymic Forums which has an active website review area that usually ives indepth reviews. The users there really are good at taking part of the community and the place is growing more and more everyday. You know the drill, sign up and take part in the community and get some feedback from respected webmasters.

This is just a small list that I put together so when you combine Google’s powerful search queries you will be able to find a lot more forums that offer website reviews. But don’t stop there because the web offers all sorts of platforms where one can obtain a free website review. To get you started load up a new browser window and plunk down this command in Google’s search box inurl:forum website review.

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Do Follow Webmaster/SEO/Domain/Affiliate Marketing Forums

August 22  |  Forum Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

If you’re looking to join other communities within the Internet Marketing niche then why not get some link love for populating someones forum. I’ve scraped together a list of do follow forums that are related to webmastering, blogging, affiliate marketing, and finally SEO.

Please do NOT spam these forums, instead join communities that you’re interested in and just take part, that’s all you have to do. These forums are also great for business networking or selling a webmaster related service. If you have a forum you want added to the list just add it into the comments and I’ll put her in!

PR7 Digital Point Forums

PR7 Podcast Alley Forum

PR7 Webmaster Talk Forums

PR6 Sitepoint Forums

PR5 Blogger Forum

PR5 Discuss Domains Forum

PR5 Name Pros Forum

PR5 V7N Forums

PR5 High Rankings Forum

PR5 Zymic Webmaster Forums

PR5 Submit Express Forums

PR5 Webmaster Forums

PR5 Webmasters.am Forums

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