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Link Building For Your Web 2.0 App

October 29  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

With all the crazy web 2.0 sites coming out these days, and yes the ones I’m finding to link build with, it gave me the idea to write this post. If you have your own web 2.0 app to promote you have many options which luckily will bring in some very juicy links! I’m currently helping a client promote his web 2.0 site and found an abundance of resources to get your site listed. Some things to keep in mind here are the quality and uniqueness of your web 2.0 site because a lot of these places I’m going to list have a strict quality control.

First up is the famous and most notable Mashable. This is the news spot for the web 2.0 world and luckily for you they take suggestions on sites to write about. Mashable is a blog that has a press release feel to the site. So go ahead and submit your site, and if you’re lucky enough you’ll get a nice writeup with do follow links to your site…along with an assload of traffic and exposure!

Next up is my favorite web 2.0 site, Feed My App. This great site is a web directory for web 2.0 sites you can submit your site absolutely free! If your site gets approved you’ll get added to the directory as well get a nice little write up better describing your site to their readers. This site has been growing quickly and is without a doubt a great place to get listed in.

Next up is another big web 2.0 directory that has been kicking it since 2006! Go2Web20 is one of the largest web 2.0 resource sites on the web today. The look and feel of the site is completely fresh and the directory is a visual browsing experience. It makes me never want to see another link directory again in my life! You can submit your site to get reviewed and if you’re lucky, your web 2.0 app will get sprung into the site.

Listio is another up and coming big hitter in the web 2.0 world and lists so many apps it makes my little head spin. Not only do they have a directory of sites, but they also review web 2.0 apps indepth which brings a little more juice to your links as well attracts way more potential users. I highly recommend you get your ass in gear and submit your site.

All Things Web 2.0 is another PR5 web directory that seems like total chaos upon viewing but is very worth the time trying to get in there. The sites looks to be built on Joomla, so that might explain the crazy design. Some of the extra features include most popular and best voted apps, so if you got something good you can potentially get some extra exposure. You can go ahead and submit your site here.

Ziipa is a great web 2.0 directory that usually will list your site within a few hours as well giving you a nice do follow link(as long as you anchor text it properly). The site is not too old but the way it’s layed out and marketed, it seems it will stand the test of time. I got not much else to write about, the site is pretty straight forward and just showcases your web 2.0 site in a beautiful way. Easily submit your site here.

NetWebApp is another newish web 2.0 directory that is quick to index your site and put it on display. It looks like it’s built from the same script as Feedmyapp and has all the same features. It is also getting a decent amount of traffic so it is very much worth the time submitting your site. The site already has a PR2 and is updated on a daily basis, or depending on how many submissions they got that day.

W2 Directory is another newish directory for web 2.0 sites only and it requires registration before submitting. The site itself has a lot going on such as a full featured search, profiles, news and a whole lot more. You can submit your site for free and reap the benefits of some traffic and exposure. I added my clients site a couple of hours ago and was listed within minutes of following the instructions in the email you get once you sign up.

That wraps up this post until a few more sites come out, and you know they will. This should be enough to get you started and be a big help obtaining new users to your web 2.0 app. If you want to list your site, or know of one, feel free to drop it in the comments and I will be sure to blog about it. You can also contact me and make me write about your web 2.0 app site.

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