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October 8  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’m pretty sure 50% of you folks have heard of Virb before. Virb is a social network for the media minded tech geeks of the world. Virb has been growing steadily and in the past couple of months, it has shown significant traffic growth mainly due to its quality of content. This social network site lets you showcase off every little piece of media you have to throw at it such as videos, blogs and photos. I never looked into the site earlier until this week when I noticed a nice juicy link one of my clients was getting from their profile that they had setup. So getting to the good stuff…Virb of course has do follow within your personal blog, as well within your profile under website. Since the quality of content is high on Virb you best be expected to utilize this amazing site not for SPAM, but for what it is intended for. My clients profile is content rich with a website description, blog updates, photos and videso from the office. This type of social media works great for them because their website doesn’t have room for this due to its style of site. So if you’re looking to utilize a great site for a link back sign up and get started today.

Virb Is…

A place that lets you put all of the things that make you you – photos, videos, blogs – in one place. So you can find friends (and friends can find you).

More specifically, VIRB° is our vision of a social community – done right. A website that combines you, your interests, your friends and the things you like with music, art, fashion, film and more. Stay connected with your friends. Find new music. View and upload good videos, photos and more.
So go forth and begin your journey

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