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February 5  |  Brand Building  |   Ryan Clark

Geoff and I (Ryan) had a blast this weekend with the Excel Tire Company for their AGM. We had the pleasure of speaking to the company about the delights, and blights of marketing online as they shy away from print advertising and media. While we had to talk to a room full of owners and staff who had all ready taken in over 8 hours of meetings, we’d like to thank them for their patience and time.

We’ve been helping their company re-brand themselves and get not only a more more search engine friendly web platform, but something more socially integrated. This is obviously a hot topic for businesses in all local communities, and they’re certainly taking it to a level above their competition. While you can imagine the last thing on a mechanics mind is sending out a tweet to his peeps, they certainly embraced the options we presented during our speech. The theme was to help them understand how they can reach a more targeted local user, both with a nicely built WordPress site, as well with a mindful social media campaign to engage the local clientèle.

The event was hosted at the River Rock Casino & Resort just outside of the Vancouver area. This is quite the place and the staff was great at the casino despite not having any time to waste some company money at the poker tables. The conference was thoroughly and thoughtfully planned by Jennifer @ The Finer Details, and had everything running smoothly. If you’re running a conference in the Vancouver area, she’s the go to person to keep everything organized so they deserve some link props!

The highlight of the night was when Excel Tire graciously took us out to a dinner theatre called The Giggle Dam. They do a themed event which includes a lovely dinner, but even better, one hilarious show. I’ve been to a lot of events in Vancouver before, but this one took the cake! If you’re not one to enjoy being made fun of, or put on stage and embarrassed then this place isn’t for you. I however will be going back the next time I visit Vancouver!

For anyone else in the same boat, wanting to bring their company into 2011 with a bang then don’t hesitate to give us a shout. We are able to do on-site training and presentations all over North America and Europe. We are located in both Vancouver and Victoria BC if you’re wanting easier access to our team.  We provide a mix of fun marketing ideas with the usual boring statistics and marketing data. We encourage drinking during our presentations, so keep that mind if you’re thinking about hiring us to speak with your brand.

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Vancouver Link Building & Social Media Marketing

April 21  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I just wanted to let anyone and everyone in my hometown of Vancouver BC Canada about my local services. I work with a few clients here and would love to work with more. I do travel on site out of town, but it would be nice to get the chance to help local businesses succeed in a tough marketplace. The marketplace here is booming, and with the 2010 Olympics come and gone the economy is still speeding along. I’ve done a lot of Hotel SEO for local clients and I cannot believe the global response, especially from China. I cannot tell you how hard it is to do SEO and link build for the Chinese language, that and of course Japanese. Those are just some of the strategies and borders we’ve had to hurdle for our clients.

We utilize advanced, high quality link building and social media marketing tactics to dominate the local search market. We also plan, adapt and attack the global search world to maximize your ROI. We can also help your business reach out to the local community and connect with your customers online and now in real time. With the ability to work within a meeting distance allows for a more fruitful experience. Our only goal is to make sure your business gets its voice heard within the Vancouver search area, or anywhere within beautiful British Columbia.

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