Top Earning Affiliate For Me This Month: V7N Affiliate Program

August 19  |  Uncategorized  |   Ryan Clark

I’m going to keep you folks updated on the world of link building affiliate marketing. There are a ton of great affiliate programs out there for blog companies, directories and SEO firms. I will keep my readers informed what affiliate programs are converting the best for me.

This month is being led by the V7N Affiliate Program which is for their web directory. I only have their 125×125 in my right panel, so I was quite surprised to see these results turning out. We still have until the end of the month so who knows…Sign Up.

Current payout is $25 per submission. If you refer one person that submits 10 sites, that’s $250! If you refer ten people who each do one submission, that’s $250. The cookie is a one-year cookie, so make money today! Second tier pay-outs: Refer affiliates to V7N and for each $25 commission they earn, you earn $5! It’s like money for free!

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Link Building Chat From My Favorite Forums

August 14  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

So do you want to know where I keep an ear to the ground when it comes to link building techniques? There are a few great sections from all our favorite forums that offer a place to discuss link building in depth. I’ve noticed a lot of repeat questions being asked these days so you have to keep an eye out in order to spot the goods.

v7n Forums offer a great place for friendly chat with knowledgable individuals and companies.  Their forums are just shy of 50,000 wdebmasters so there is no shortage of discussions taking place throughout the day. The places I keep fresh on are a few different sections starting with the “SEO Forum“, and then I mosey into the “Blogging Promotion” section. Another thing I keep in mind is to see what link building services people are offering which every once in a while brings a new method to my attention.

The Digital Point Forums has a specific forum section called “Link Development” which is entirely dedicated to building links. Again lately there has been a lack of new methods being disclosed so its best to look at the most viewed posts in that section. The users that lurk inside Digital Point are very friendly and you can always count on someone helping you out.

My favorite link building forum spot is over at High Rankings Forum where they have a whole link building section with broken down subcategories. There are so many web 2.0 social sites coming out these days so when I find one we can use, I usually talk about it in here.

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