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Top Earning Affiliate For Me This Month: V7N Affiliate Program

August 19  |  Uncategorized  |   Ryan Clark

I’m going to keep you folks updated on the world of link building affiliate marketing. There are a ton of great affiliate programs out there for blog companies, directories and SEO firms. I will keep my readers informed what affiliate programs are converting the best for me.

This month is being led by the V7N Affiliate Program which is for their web directory. I only have their 125×125 in my right panel, so I was quite surprised to see these results turning out. We still have until the end of the month so who knows…Sign Up.

Current payout is $25 per submission. If you refer one person that submits 10 sites, that’s $250! If you refer ten people who each do one submission, that’s $250. The cookie is a one-year cookie, so make money today! Second tier pay-outs: Refer affiliates to V7N and for each $25 commission they earn, you earn $5! It’s like money for free!

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