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October 1  |  Link Building Tools  |   Geoff

Linbuilding and SEO are worlds where numbers help.  If we have more numbers, we can make better decisions based on new data. And come on,  who doesn’t want some free new data?  Recently, gave us the ability to”track incoming statistics on the URLs you generate.”  Aww dude, exciting.

We track all sorts of cool information like link visits, unique visits, referrals and referral country origination. This is all presented to you in a fancy interface that let’s you see how well your posted links are tracking with your social network audiences. We think it’s pretty rad!

While we gather some feedback from you folks, we will be pondering other statistics you might want to see on your links and adding to the output every so often. You should totally give us a shout and put some bugs in our ears.

This is a user-opt in feature that you can turn on here.

If you’re curious for more, you can read all about how this works right over heeeeere!

They then finished with:

We have more stuff coming out soon, so keep on the lookout for forests full of unexplainable and ridiculous magic.

Adam & Sean

Which is basically the reason I don’t really mind reading news. But that’s another post altogether.

Anyways, you should start tracking your link stats if you’re not already!

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Geoff is a webmaster and SEO ninja, visionary, dreamweaver, plus actor. He has been working on line for over a decade and has been mastering SEO for the past four years. He maintains many websites and likes to share and discuss SEO tactics.

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How To Get Re-Tweeted (Whiteboard Friday)

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September 30  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Sorry that this is 2 months old already but I somehow missed it and it deserves to be watched for those who missed it as well. Rand talks about how to get re-tweeted and while we all know what that is, I think some of us need to give it some serious thought. Not only does it generate traffic and buzz but it increases your chances of getting a link.

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How To Get Re-Tweeted (Whiteboard Friday)

September 30  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

Sorry that this is 2 months old already but I somehow missed it and it deserves to be watched for those who missed it as well. Rand talks about how to get re-tweeted and while we all know what that is, I think some of us need to give it some serious thought. Not only does it generate traffic and buzz but it increases your chances of getting a link.

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April 30  |  News  |   Ryan Clark

I wasn’t aware of until I read Aaron Wall’s post “Does Google Spam?” which lead me to peering into their backlink profile and more. Aaron is the man when it comes to pointing out the crazy things companies will do and AOL is redefining content scraping. Now most sites wouldn’t have lasted this long but when you’re AOL you have a little bit more sway that others. I don’t want to get into the ethics of it all, but instead take a peek at their backlink profile and how they’re abusing social media. Backlinks:

So far they’re blistering along in the search engines with nearly 150,000 pages indexed in just Google. Aaron tweet’d that he’d give away some SEOBook prizes if anyone could guess the date this would start dropping, and honestly I’m not sure if this will happen quickly. is going to at least have a grace period mainly due to the age of their domain name, and when you see their backlink profile you’ll shit a brick. Before I even ran them through LinkVoodoo’s Backlink Analyzer I expected to see a lot of AOL owned sites providing most of the juice. Well as of today I’m seeing just over 1000 backlinks with 93% of them being dofollow which is quite rare in a backlink profile, but I was right in guessing most of them would be from an AOL owned site. Also as expected, since most of the sections are on their own subdomain a lot of the links are coming from those.This also means that 93% of the links are pointing to their root index.

So far this has been working out in their favor and I can see the pagerank is flowing around to a lot of the subdomains. So all in all despite the crazyness this site is going to bring out in the SEO world it is worth the behind the scenes look at how you can manipulate the search engines. I’ve attached the .csv file from out private beta version of the LinkVoodoo backlink analyzer in case you’re wondering how I’m getting reports. It will be out soon so don’t worry, we’re still testing and fixing some bugs so this report may not include all the backlinks but it will be damn close.

Download: Link Analysis’s Twitter Usage:

Everyone is using Twitter these days and it didn’t take me long to see how was making use of it either. It’s a great way to get traffic, but they’re seemingly taking it to the next level. If you do a quick search for on Twitter you’ll see what’s going on here. Tons and tons of seperate Twitter accounts based on niche feeding in news from the site. It is too early to tell if this is working out great for them but it’s interesting none the less.

What do you folks think about this?’s Alexa:

I know Alexa isn’t the best for measuring traffic volumes but it will do fine just to see how things are progressing so far. As you can see the Scraping + Domain Age + Link Profile is bringing in the traffic so far, but I can’t wait to see the results a few months from now. I think Aaron’s guessing game is a great idea and I think I’ll make my bid.

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Twitter SEO Benefits & Application

March 23  |  Link Building, Twitter Marketing  |   Ryan Clark

Everyone knows that your Twitter profile URL is nofollow and doesn’t pass on any of the link loving, but there are still ways to attract some nice links with your Twitter account. Some of the links obtained won’t be all that powerful right now, but the way Twitter and its apps have been growing, it’s worth it in the long run…kind of like RRSP’s or a Chia Pet. Also on the topic of Twitter and SEO, someone either on Sphinn, SEOmoz or some forum mentioned that Twitter Search results were ranking well in Google lately. This lead me to some other interesting finds and ideas on ranking for a large number of longtails.

There are a few Twitter user directories out there in the wild and they do have an added benefit towards your link building efforts. With the added benefit of snagging a dofollow link, you also get to grow your followers. Another perk about getting links built to your Twitter profile is that you can rank it higher in the serps. I’ve got an Ecommerce shop that I run in my free time and I’ve managed to rank my Twitter profile for one of the top keywords within the niche, and it drives sales. is a new business directory for Twitter users and accounts, and I imagine this will grow like crazy. The site has been around since January and has been growing decently since then, nearing the 100,000 mark on Alexa. Within your Twib Business Listing, you get a dofollow link to both your Twitter profile, and your homepage or blog. You can push your Twibs page into the Google index yourself, or waiting should end in the same result. There are nearly 10,000 pages indexed from Twibs, so the spiders are doing their thing. used to be home to what now is, and they’ve made a few changes since I’ve last looked. The main domain,, is undergoing either a site redesign or a code overhaul because I’m noticing some functionality changes on the new site. On your Tweeple Page, you do get dofollow links back to your homepage or blog, but now the links are being masked. Still a great place to make new Twitter friends. is a Twitter directory and search engine to find like minded people. The site also has a few extra features like Twitter news, statistics and interesting user profiles listed daily. You can add yourself for free, and if approved, you’ll be rewarded with a profile page that includes dofollow links to your Twitter Profile and homepage/blog. It’s too early to tell if this site will continue to grow, but chances are good and the traffic has been slowly moving up since its launch in January. brings an interesting approach to the Twitter directory scene but it’s worth the 2 minutes it takes to submit. It’s free to submit and each category has a list of tweeters within that niche along with a link to their profile, and to their homepage. The link to your Twitter profile is dofollow while the link to your homepage is not. No worries though, you’ll find that once you add yourself here, your followers will grow. is the newest Twitter directory by Digg’s Kevin Rose, but it’s mainly a list of the biggest players on the social media site. You can add your Twitter profile for free which doesn’t add any link benefits, but it might help your followers list rise. A lot of people bitched about that the site doesn’t promote find new users, but following people within your niche who can attract that many subscribers can’t be all that bad.

I’m sure this is just a start to the number of Twitter directory like sites will start popping up, so keep an eye out and feel free to list any I missed in the comments. Now let’s take a look at what’s going on with Twitter Search queriry results, and how you could possibly rank easily for some longtail keywords. Now I know this is going to be exploited by some annoying spammers, but if you’re competing in a certain niche, why not try and take a bigger piece of the traffic pie with your account? Obviously the more heavily searched for terms will be harder to work with, but I encourage you to run some of your own tests.

So word on the street Twitter search page results are showing up within the search results, and they’re even ranking for keywords. I took a quick peek to see if it were true and found some pretty interesting results. I’ll make it brief because I’m most likely making some of you either sleepy, or nauseous from all the blue color in this post.

I picked one random indexed search query that contained a keyword that would be easy to rank for, then another that would pose to be a little bit more difficult. So first up on the list is the search query “wickedwire“. This is where it currently ranks;

The second keyword was a lot more competitive yet the search result for it ranked way higher than I would have expected. You all know the world famous beer, or the world famous book of world records….”Guinness“. Let’s take a look at where the search query ranks for this;

Well the evidence is there, but the question that comes to my mind is…how long will Google allow this. I’m partial to this search listing showing up because it does give the user a link to a very recently updated look into Guinness. But then again, the way it shows up within Google’s results doesn’t seem all that SEO friendly. Do let me know what you folks think about this.

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Link Builders On Twitter

January 11  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I wanted to do a quick post on as many link building consulants and professionals I could find and link to their Twitter accounts. The SEO crowd seems to have taken ahold of Twitter and you shouldn’t have much trouble finding every big name on there. I will encourage anyone I missed to pipe in in my comments or contact me to snag a spot on this list. The folks listed below are not in any specific order and are all people who I admire within this industry. If you are at all serious about quality link building then these are the folks to be listening to.

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Get More Twitter Followers

January 7  |  Twitter Marketing  |   Ryan Clark

I was late to the Twitter game and I’m glad I finally got into it. The Linkbuildr Twitter account has steadily been growing and I’ve been trying to find new ways to get more subscribers, and that has led me to write this post. Besides having chiclets, banners, buttons and other on page methods of getting people to your Twitter account there hasn’t been much options outside of that for attracting attention.

Twitter Search Engines:

There are a number of Twitter search engines out there and they are a great way to find people that are interested in the same topics as you. You can either search for your favorite bloggers, or search for the top keywords around your niche and subscribe to all those people. Keeping this up will encourage them to follow you back. – the original search provided by Twitter lets you search for people and topics easily. If you click on the advanced search button you’ll get a nice set of search features that rival Google’s advanced search. You not only search by name and topic, but you can also search by location, date, language and if the post includes a url link. – a  real time Twitter search engine that indexes popular people and topics and is all about finding like minded people. As of today their are only 58706 Twitter users indexed in the search engine, and the crawl rate has been set to low a lot lately. I imagine this app is starting to take its toll on the server. – is not only a Twitter search engine, but it is also a directory for people broken down by category. It is pretty much a web directory for Twitter users and you can find more Twitter directories like this down the post a bit. This site is great for finding like minded people in your niche or industry. – this is a search engine for Twitter users that get retweeted the most. This is great for finding like minded people because you can see others discussion topics you’re into, and that includes their opinions. – is an authority based Twitter search engine for finding the most popular people on the site. The site kind of makes a mini magazine based on the content on Twitter and popular users tweets get displayed on the main page. Twithority also tracks the hottest trends based on searches so you can get an idea of what to blog about, or retweet.

Twitter Alerts:

Twitter alerts are a great way of keeping up on topics being tweeted and give you a chance to find more people in your niche. They act the same way as google alerts which are great for the same reason in the blogosphere. There have been a few sites for this popping up lately so it must be catching on. – is an easy interface to get alerts for a topic when it hits the tweet street. Just put in your Twitter details and keywords to watch and you’ll get updated via email when someone talks about a topic you’ve requested to watch. – has been down since the end of December, but it still ranks number 1 on google for Twitter Alerts. I’m not sure when it will be back up, but when it does it’s worth checking out because it worked well. Nice slick interface and the alerting system always worked up until now. – this site is a really simple sign up and track your keywords app that has been around almost the lonest. All you need to give them is the email to send the alerts to, your username and password.

Twitter Forums:

Twitter forums have been popping up all over the place and it is a great way to not only interact with other Twitter users, but its a great way to show off your account and attract new readers. I never would have suspected forums for Twitter would take off and so far it seems that I’m right. All the forums listed below are very inactive, but only time will tell. – is the largest forum for all your Twitter addicts out there and only has a few active posts going on. This site used to be hosted under the domain but decided to move for some reason. There are only a couple hundred users. – has only 13 members and is decently new so I don’t know what to say as of yet. Since Twitter is pretty much a large unorganized chat forum it must be hard to get something like this going. – is not a forum but fits under the topic at hand. TweetBars lets you easily implement your tweets into your Email, Website and in your forum signature. It is basically Twitter meets Forum Signatures as they’ve coined it already on their website. Interesting little app to play with in my opinion.

Twitter Directories:

I have noticed a few Twitter user directories popping up and they are getting quite populated already. I imagine we’ll see more so I hope I can remember to keep updating this post. If anyone has anything I missed be sure to contact me or leave a note in the comments. – is the premier Twitter directory and unfortunately was down for maintenance at the time of writing. It features a directory broken down by interest so it makes finding Twitter users really easy. Be sure to add yourself into the mix and approval normally takes 1-5 days. – is one I already mentioned under Twitter search engines, but it is also a directory for users. You can submit your Twitter account and once it is loaded up you can confirm the listing by entering in your password. Another bonus is that the URL you have listed in your Twitter profile gets listed here as well, but it’s do follow! Check out the Linkbuildr profile on Twellow. – is another less SEO friendly Twitter user and topic directory that has a good amount of people listed, including celebrities. You can submit your link and although it is not auto approved, should only takes a few days to get listed in the directory. – is one of the newer Twitter directories on the block and has a huge user base already. I’ve added myself to the SEO/Internet Marketing category and I really like how the listings are displayed. Submission was auto approved and the link to your Twitter account is do follow, but any links you put in your description are no follow.

I hope this helps some of you grow your Twitter accounts because they can be a great place to leverage sales, get traffic and make some new friends. Again I’ll mention to contact me or post in the comments anything I missed that would be a great addition to this post. I would also like to hear how some of you snagged a lot of Twitter subscribers.

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