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October 1  |  Link Building Tools  |   Geoff

Linbuilding and SEO are worlds where numbers help.  If we have more numbers, we can make better decisions based on new data. And come on,  who doesn’t want some free new data?  Recently, gave us the ability to”track incoming statistics on the URLs you generate.”  Aww dude, exciting.

We track all sorts of cool information like link visits, unique visits, referrals and referral country origination. This is all presented to you in a fancy interface that let’s you see how well your posted links are tracking with your social network audiences. We think it’s pretty rad!

While we gather some feedback from you folks, we will be pondering other statistics you might want to see on your links and adding to the output every so often. You should totally give us a shout and put some bugs in our ears.

This is a user-opt in feature that you can turn on here.

If you’re curious for more, you can read all about how this works right over heeeeere!

They then finished with:

We have more stuff coming out soon, so keep on the lookout for forests full of unexplainable and ridiculous magic.

Adam & Sean

Which is basically the reason I don’t really mind reading news. But that’s another post altogether.

Anyways, you should start tracking your link stats if you’re not already!

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