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This Week In Link Building November 11th 2008

November 11  |  TWiLB  |   Ryan Clark

Let me start off by remembering to stop today and think about our Veterans and what they’ve done for us in the past. Most of you are off from work today, but knowing myself I can imagine a good chunk of you will still be on the grind. It’s rainy and windy outside so what better time to round up all the past couple weeks worth of link building material. There has been a lot of great articles lately and this weeks post will be chalk full of goodies to keep you busy for most of the day. Let’s start this post off from another awesome comic from Kevin & The Googlebots.

I reminded myself to find some new RSS feed directories and came across It’s basically a RSS feed directory but with a very updated and fresh web 2.0 feel. Submissions are reviewed by a human so you cannot submit crap to the site…so admin if you’re reading this approve Linkbuildr please and thank you(lol). The site is relatively new so don’t expect much in regards to link juice just yet, but be thankful for the help it gives your content to stay in the index. They will spider your site constantly once approved and it hopefully will bring you some new readers to your blog. I don’t have any data yet on the site so I can’t tell you how well it performs, but if anyone out there is listed please let us know in the comments! You can head on over to their site and submit your RSS feed.

I’m sure most of you folks have heard about, and even used’s press release distribution services. Using a press release to get the word out has long been an effective way of marketing your brand or product, and even more so it’s a great way to get some very powerful links. I’m currently writing a post entirely dedicated to free press release sites, so I thought I would get this out of the way first.

PRWeb Press Release Newswire - Sign Up Now
I always recommend to my clients to get the 200 dollar package they offer because it covers all your basis such as SEO friendly links and distribution to all the places that matter. You will get some kick ass links from places such as Google News and Yahoo News plust a whole host of authorative sites. Another thing to think about are the sites that scrape and use for news to blog about which can bring in a whole other set of links you wouldn’t have otherwise expected. All in all if you want an effective link building campaign this is really not to be overlooked!  Let’s take a look at all the various packages PRWeb has to offer.

With all the crazy web 2.0 sites coming out these days, and yes the ones I’m finding to link build with, it gave me the idea to write this post. If you have your own web 2.0 app to promote you have many options which luckily will bring in some very juicy links! I’m currently helping a client promote his web 2.0 site and found an abundance of resources to get your site listed. Some things to keep in mind here are the quality and uniqueness of your web 2.0 site because a lot of these places I’m going to list have a strict quality control. Click here to read Link Building For Your Web 2.0 App.

Here’s another niche link building strategy guide that is similar to what I can put together for your company, or blog. I picked the health niche because it is so vast and this will make finding a lot of resources to write about much easier. If you would like to have me map out a custom link building and social media marketing campaign for your website feel free to contact me.

Although the healt and fitness niche’s are heavily competative, there are still a lot of new ways to market your product or site. These new methods should also bring in strong, healthy links from niche related social media sites, forums and more. We’ll  first take a look at a few health directories that would be worth the time spent submitting. I usually don’t like wasting my time on these, but because it’s so competitive you don’t have much choice! Click here to read Link Building In The Health/Fitness Niche.

FeedBees is a really cool, well laid out and designed RSS Feed Directory. The feed directory was started up early this year so it’s relatively new in regards to great link juice, but already has well over 40,000 pages indexed in Google. You can submit your feed absolutely free, and to get an idea of what you’ll get, take a look at someone’s feed page. I also wanted to mention they make use of Adsense for RSS so you can enjoy 100% of the ad revenue shown in your streams.

Well I’ve got so many clients to track keywords for, most of which don’t have a blog so I cannot use the WordPress plugins that would make this part of the job easier. But thankfully a fellow Linkbuildr reader and now friend, Will Reinhardt, gave me access to his SEO Keyword Ranking tool.  I asked if I could review it out of the kindness of my heart, so this in no way influenced by money what-so-ever(so f%$! off Google :).

This tool is for one thing and one thing only…tracking your position in the search engines. I’ve used a bunch of free tools, paid tools and doing it by hand but the simplicity of SEO Keyword Ranking takes the cake. The tool tracks all the major search engines and provides reports on a time schedule, depending on how you want it. The reports are handled two ways, one within your account and secondly, straight via email all packaged in a nice and easy to read report. This is great because I can send my clients the reports automatically without worrying about it, and if I ever need to review them they’re only a few clicks away. Click here to read the rest of the review.

Ann Smarty once again has bee very active writing more and more quality articles that make doing this weekly roundup so much easier! Her article is titled Link Building Reports That Make Your Clients Happy and this is a topic I’ve never seen covered anywhere else(shame on me). Some clients could care less about seeing where the links were from, but more and more I’m getting a lot of SEO savvy clients and theyre more than happy to get the low down. One thing I wanted to bring up here just incase you miss it in her article, but that’s the free link building report offered by SEOmoz. Ann Smarty also wrote another great article called Firefox Addons To Explore Backlinks In Google Webmaster Tools and pretty well explains itself.

Link Building Best Practices recently wrote a piece An SEO Is Not A Link Builder which defines what we do a little clearer. As the link building industry continues to grow it has been increasingly defining itself in its own digital world and no longer means adding a few social bookmarks and directory links.

Most SEO’s agree that there are three components to higher search results; 1) good content, 2) onsite optimization and 3) quality link building.  However, in my opinion, most SEO’s are not link builders and most link builders are not SEOs

I’d like to congradulate Collin Lahay on his 1 year blog anniversary as well mention two great posts he’s written last week. First up was his post on Link Building With Ning which is an SEO friendly social networking platform which allows anyone to create a social network on their domain. Another social media site on the same sort of page as Squidoo or Hubpages is Qassia and he covers how to get do follow links in his post Link Building With Qassia. Last but not least was yet another great post that covers getting links on a new web 2.0 classified site called iList, click here to read Link Building With iList.

Shaun from Hobo Web wrote a great post on the length of anchor text, and as link builders we should all be aware of what is in our realm. I’ll admit I usually just had a made of number in my head of how long an anchor text should be, but since he mentions the safe length is around 8-9 words I’m still in the clear. Click here to read his post on anchor text length.

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This Week In Link Building For October 27th 2008

October 27  |  TWiLB  |   Ryan Clark

Well another week slipped by where I forgot to update one of the weeks, but that just makes room for a major update this week. It has been a good week around the web as well right here as you can tell I’ve been fairly active in posting. The way it has been going out there I feel the opportunities to get one way links is going to keep rising and rising. I’m going to be starting to consult out more to you fine folks who don’t have the time to do a lot of link building as well perhaps start a job board to find other link builders for work.

Virb has been growing steadily and in the past couple of months, it has shown significant traffic growth mainly due to its quality of content. This social network site lets you showcase off every little piece of media you have to throw at it such as videos, blogs and photos. I never looked into the site earlier until this week when I noticed a nice juicy link one of my clients was getting from their profile that they had setup. So getting to the good stuff…Virb of course has do follow within your personal blog, as well within your profile under website. Since the quality of content is high on Virb you best be expected to utilize this amazing site not for SPAM, but for what it is intended for.

This new website is called Clutter Me. The web interface is a overly easy to use system that allows you to build social media rich websites in no time, and if you like, embed do follow links to anything you’re writing about. Since Clutter Me is quite new the link juice isn’t that powerful, but the folks behind it are pushing the site very hard and within a few months your links should be worth the effort. I highly recommend building a few good webpages within Clutter Me and if you want to make a little money they’ve just opened up an affiliate program.

Elgg is one of the most popular open source social networking platforms, and for good reason. Elgg has seen a lot of development and the most recent 1.0 version is nothing to snicker at! I’ve been using it for a project and I really like what they have done with the platform in regards to features, and what I think is most important, speed due to the efficiency of code. Now I’m aware blackhats are actively exploiting the Elgg platform mainly due to one reason, everything is pretty much do follow. I’ll be straight forward and mention, as I always do, that I do not condone spamming but adding relevant comments or content to the social platform. If you do a Google search for powered by Elgg you will find well over 50,000 sites that are powered by the social networking sofware.

BlognList is a great service for getting some buzz and backlinks generated for your company or product. BlognList is like other review services such as Blogsvertise, but they go above and beyond when it comes to quality. They have an army of top notch bloggers backed with authorative blogs in almost every niche you could think of. If you’re looking to build an effective link building campaign then I highly recommend it so long as you make it worth your while. They have many packages to suite anyone’s budget, and I recommend trying out the smallest first to see the results before continueing on with your campaign.

I was browsing around the web tonight and I came across YouBundle which left me asking myself how did I ever miss it? I’ve even been planning to launch a service just like it which kind of discouraged me, but I’m still going to blog about this amazing site anyway. YouBundle is somewhat like Squidoo except it’s put together completely different, is much more social and provides a fresh look at social media.

I’ve been playing around with Social Median tonight and I REALLY like what I’m seeing. Social Median is a new way of getting customized news from around the web as well getting your news out in the world with the click of the mouse. The interface took me a little while to get used to, but once I got the hang of It I was creating custom news feeds from the great sources already within the system, and then I made my own custom news feed for link building. After a few hours I’ve realized that Social Median’s suggestive topics for news it thought I would like was spot on. I’ve now got this happily feeding me news all day on my new Blackberry Storm which makes my day a whole lot more less productive..but in a good way. I highly recommend everyone to try it out, make some news feeds and get some links plus traffic from this social networking site. is a revolutionary social media platform that allows you to combine media from many sites into one neat “Flowgram”. This allows you to create a mini presention on a subject and include all the information you need from many sites such as Youtube, Flickr and even Power Point docs! Google has really been showing some love for this site and you can get a do follow backlink to your webpage within your user profile. But with a site like this, you have to think beyond just getting that link and create some very cool and unique content pieces to promote your product, web page or just about anything you like.

I was scanning a few top rated sites lately for new places to get backlinks and came across a cool little website called Launch Feed. This new service is great for two reasons, one it’s absolutely free, as well it provides a do follow link! It’s pretty straight forward so all you have to do is submit your url, write a description and let the good times roll. If you want you can write a review or promote your page to get your readers to submit reviews for you. I’d like to thank Mubashar Iqbal for programming this out of his labour of love and making this tool for free. So if anyone needs some programming done, you can contact him over at his software companies website, Suffolk Software. So enough of my blabbing….go ahead and get yourself signed up.

Collin Lahay managed to get a great post out called Link Building With iList this week and it’s another great example of what I missed! iList is a recently new classified site with a very nice web 2.0 feel to it that allows you to get some do follow links as well promote products. I’ll take a snippet from Collin’s post here to let him explain it better….oh and if you haven’t bookmarked his site yet do it. is a free classified ads website much like the more popular Craigslist or Gumtree. iList has a more “web2.0″ feel with their fancy buttons and simple publishing menu’s, and it kind of reminds me of Squidoo’s interface. Unlike iList’s more popular competitors, iList provides dofollow anchor text links in their classified ads. You can easily visit and create your account in seconds, and then make a classifieds listing with a link back to your site. You would then want to submit your classifieds page to the SocialMarker sites to help Google find the page quickly.

Linkers Blog made up the Top 10 Link Building Blogs Of 2008 and I was luckily and graciously approved to the list. But besides that, they have included a great list of sites that you should probably be reading on a weekly basis….that is if you want to stay ahead in this game. Hopefully with your support and my continued writing I’ll be able to make it higher up on the list for next year!

Ann Smarty, one of my favorite bloggers, has of course written another amazing post with some really solid information regarding link building for e-commerce sites. I’ve been doing a lot of this lately and was even thinking of writing a post until she beat me to the punch..but it’s for the best because she’s a much better writer!

The good folks over at SEOptimise posted a really good article entitled 30 Ways to Get Links Naturally & Stop Link Building. You may have seen this one already on Sphinn because it’s a wicked article and everyone should read it. They fuel the fire and provide some very unique ways of building links that most people are not doing these days…even me!

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This Week In Link Building October 06 2008

October 7  |  TWiLB  |   Ryan Clark

I’m a day late but I’ve got some good posts this week not only from myself, but from the great bloggers out there who really stepped it up this past week. I’ve been quite busy with clients and have come to wish I’ve had my own product I’m selling. I’ve really got into drop shipping lately and will show you guys soon what I’ve been up to.

If you’re like me and have a tough time keeping track of all your tasks, and getting projects done then you’ll be interested in this really cool app for your Blackberry called Viira. Viira is Blackberry GTD Software which takes the calender and tasks manager on the BB to new heights. This software makes sure you are on top of tasks that need to be done, and generally makes life easier when you know what needs to be done. You can try a free trial copy, and if you want to buy it’s only a fraction of the cost of other GTD Software at $29.99. is new to me, but has started gaining rank and traffic since late August. Forgive me if the site has been around longer, but I’m using data from Alexa(god forbid). Agglom is a social bookmarking site that allows you to do the obvious, but also build sets of links related to a certain topic. This is an interesting spin on bookmarking, and it makes for a unique site to help promote and save your web links. Now the links you add to your lists are not SEO friendly, so the only benefit here is gaining niche related traffic.

OpenZine is a social publishing platform with browser based tools that provides regular people with the essential tools to create really amazing things, display it with equal quality and enables them to socially share, control and manage their ideas. The OpenZine platform is a really unique and amazing project by two brothers who had a vision and made it happen. I’ve been experimenting with setting up my own little zine, and I’ve got to say the platform is really on the cutting edge…almost visionary. You can of course get a do follow link from your author bio, and all the links within your Zine are do follow.

I just discovered Orble while I was browsing backlinks for a blog, and this is my favorite way of discovering new ways to build links. It makes my life easier finding new content to write about while building links for the site. Orble is a network for bloggers to promote their blogs, attract more readers all while getting help from professional bloggers. What do I mean by getting help from professional bloggers? Orble’s staff provides coaching and helpful feedback so you don’t have to learn by trial and error….we all need help from time to time. Orble also has a mentoring program if you’re new, or just having a hard time getting your blog off the ground. Orble is designed so that good writing gets the attention it deserves. Each blog is promoted on the Orble network helping you attract more readers than would be possible elsewhere with a stand-alone blog. Being part of a blogging network also helps you attract more Search Engine traffic.

Collin Lahay of course had another killer post that puts me to shame! He talked about link building with as well use it as a place to promote unique and quality content. This service is open for abuse a little bit, so I’m making sure my readers do not rape this great service, but rather use it for what it is. is a pagerank 6 authority site that features a lot of how-to guides on many subjects.  The site looks professional, so I took the time to have a client of mine write two high quality how-to guides to publish on the site including a link back to our site.

Search Engine Roundtable put out a great article called Internal Linking Tactics. It covers the various latest methods in sculpting the flow of link juice within a site, which has been very effective. It’s an easy thing to do, and all you need to do is setup a system of internal linking that works best with your website. If you’re using WordPress, I highly recommend a plugin called aLinks.

Why even care about your internal linking? Because you can help yourself with your own site, so why waste one of the easiest link building opportunities out there. Using nofollow and other techniques for “PageRank sculpting” has risen in awareness over the past year. It’s even been recommended by Google. How does it work, when do you want to do it, and is it worth the time? Techniques and case studies will be shown. Don’t forget the anchor text. What you say in your links can matter! And saying it in a variety of different ways might be better than using the same exact words over and over. Tips and advice about writing for internal links. Don’t forget the humans, when it comes to internal linking. You still need to have links showing in a way that benefits your human visitors. Meanwhile, you might have to convince the humans in your IT department, upper management or other stakeholders about why recommended internal link tactics deserve support.

Last but not least was a post from JR over at Get Internet Marketing Strategies. JR has been writing a lot lately and I’ve quickly become a fan of his work. I highly recommend you guys to his blog because he writes good content that actually is useful! So back on topic….His post called 11 More Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Site covers a few social bookmarking sites that you most likely know, but he had a bunch I’ve never even heard of. Keep up the good work mate!

That’s it for this week and remember you can leave me tips in the comments or Email me with new link building tips. I give full credit so make sure to send along any urls or anchor text’s you’d like in with your post! I hope everyone has a good productive week and that you all move up in the SERPs.

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This Week In Link Building September 22nd

September 22  |  TWiLB  |   Ryan Clark

Well folks I’ve been slacking and you all know it! But I’m back and settled into my new place which is still a mess. I’ll get some pictures up this week hopefully…once it’s cleaned up. I’ve been doing some research on new techniques, watching a bunch of authoritative websites for new and interesting methods and have managed to snag a few really good ideas. I’m going to be testing them out before I disclose them just quite yet, but this is a good time to remind you to keep your eye on sites in hot niches for ways to build links. It’s almost impossible not to find a hidden gem after a few hours of close inspection.

The link building front has been decently quiet over the past few weeks, with me moving and Collin starting college and the Link Building Bible being sold. I’ve still managed to slap together enough information for everyone to stay busy for the next week while I get the new link building resources for the public eye.

Way back at the beginning of the month I wrote about link building by being a guest blogger. There are a ton of blogs out there who already offer to exchange guest blog posts, and it also doesn’t hurt to go around asking. You can use good old Google to rely on to find us some great blogs to apply to. I’m sure most of my readers here are familiar with Google commands and can hack their way around with little or no problems. This opens up a whole bunch of possibilites in finding blogs to post on, it is as easy as just searching for things like “write a guest blog post” or “guest blogger“. You can even get more specific by using Google’s inurl command to try and narrow it down by niche. Even though this method is still not that popular, you should be able to find a few places to write for within your niche.

Pikter is a web 2.0 Flickr clone that is pretty well setup and brand spanking new. Since the site is so new there isn’t much PR being passed around, but Pikter is a site to keep your eye on. They allow photo comments which includes two simple forms to fill out. Since the two forms are only your name and your web address, you can easily nab a do follow link on the photo page. I’m going to be using Pikter in the future for some viral testing, and what do I mean by that? Well I want to try and get some photos going viral on the web, and if possible I’ll be able to benefit from the link on the page

Well we all know that buying paid links is a no-no in Google, but we also know that it’s banned for a reason. If you want a quiet and great way to buy one-way links with no worries then it’s time to check out They allow you to either buy, sell or trade achnored links within your content, blogroll or pretty much anywhere you can muster. There is a large list of sites signed up with so you should have no trouble finding relevant sites within your niche to obtain links from. If you’re skeptical buying links this way your best bet is to try it out on a test site to see the results for yourself.

I’ve been working on a Canadian clients blog for the past couple of weeks and I’ve been putting together a list of places to link build for Canadian sites. In this day and age you’re going to need relevant links to boost your site within a certain country. So Canada is our target country and the land of good beer, hot women and strong weed is relatively untapped. Ranking within wasn’t too hard for my clients target niche, and it didn’t take more than a couple hundred backlinks to dominate every keyword they wanted. Keep in mind the lists I’m making public are not quite the one I’ve got in its entirety, but it should give you enough work to do for a few days as well give you what you need to look for.

Monkiri is a user friendly tool that enables a web user to capture and share interesting web pages or part of a web page with others. Monkiri lets you grab any part of the web page and instantly publish it either on your Monikri blog or send it to your Blogger or WordPress blog. Literally Monkiri means the Japanese art of paper cutting. Newspaper clippings are always a means amongst any knowledge enthusiasts to store a piece of information. In the web world Monkiri meets the same need. Monkiri lets one read and write blogs about any item published on a website.

MyBlogJournal’s project born in June 2006 from a Erc Investiment Company. It has begun to develop a revolutionary project to create a new relationship between media and consumers, with the intention of making the consumer from passive to active. Our thoughts and our philosophy embrace the “web 2.0” and “open source”. MyBlogJournal is a really cool service to blog socially and become a part of the community that can manage the blogosphere in a “Wikipedia” like manor. The site is already populated with millions of articles from thousand of internet magazines and blogs and every kind of images, videos and podcasts according to your interests.

Ann Smarty from search engine journal of course didn’t dissapoint you all like I did this month. She was busy writing great article after article. If you don’t follow her I highly recommend her over almost anyone in the link building industry, even over myself lolz. Her recent article touched on my post about link building with your resume, and took it even further! Ann dropped a few different types of sites not just for your resume, but also for your online reputation management. You can read her post here called Build Links and Manage Reputation with your Resume.

Luna from BloomSEO wrote an interesting post on link building with games, and yes she means online web games. She discusses ways to use free games to submit around to game sites which provide a link back, as well having a new game created to get a little buzz going. This is the kind of thinking I like to see, so hopefully it gives you folks some good ideas.

One of the contributing members from SEOmoz has put together an amazing list of link building tips from all the great posts on SEOmoz. This was put together from a beginners point of view, and should give you a good read on the last couple of years link building methods. You can go here to read Link Building Notes Of A SEO Kindergartner.

That should wrap up this weeks edition, but if anyone has anything to add you know the drill. The comments are do follow and I welcome you to post links to your blog post as long as it’s relevant. I’ll hopefully have a good bunch of links for next week so send them in to make my life easier!

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This Week In Link Building September 02

September 2  |  TWiLB  |   Ryan Clark

Hey everyone and welcome to the 3rd installment of This Week In Link Building. I’ve been busy preparing for a move so my posts we’re down by a couple of days, but I still have a whole whack of good information to go into this weeks post. As you may have noticed I changed the design a little, so it may not look the best but it is nicer on the eyes. I’m back full time for the next two weeks so keep coming back and giving your comments/flames/thanks within my comments because I love to hear what you folks think.

I’ve been having a good productive day so far and the night is continueing on. I’ve been snooping around for a new place to build some links and low and behold here came Bemba, the social sharing network. Bemba is a pr4 do follow social media site that covers the basics such as videos, pictures and blogs. Another pretty cool feature of the site is its statistics which gives you direct and continuous feedback on your bookmarks. Read the post Link Building With Bemba.

I’ve been trying to find another way to build links that will come off as reputable links and it led me to resume websites. There have been quite a few web 2.0 resume creating/posting sites coming out as well, if you dig deep, there are a ton of old and authorative resume sites. The beauty about link building this way is that you can also sharpen your resume writing skills, and even perhaps snag a few jobs within your industry. Some of the web 2.0 based resume sites have built in wizards to create your online wizard in a snap, which usually includes a place for a backlink. Read the blost post Link Building With Your Resume.

I was scouring Youtube for link building videos, and while having a good chuckle at some, there was a pretty good video series from the folks at Themematic. A lot of people have blogged and discussed methods of using social media websites such as Squidoo, Hubpages(etc etc etc) for the purpose of providing quality one-way links to your main websites. There’s almost no need to exchange links anymore with websites because there are so many one-way link building options out there, why bother? Read the post One Way Link Building Strategies.

Mugshot is an open source social platform sponsored by Red Hat which allows users to compile an online portfolio of themselves from their online social media sites. So basically it lets you build a page filled with content streamed in from your Youtube acount, Flickr account, Delicious bookmarks, blogs and so much more.You can get do follow links from your profile page and join/create groups to promote whatever you like. Read the post Link Building With Mugshot.

As you all I’m sure are aware of of the open source social bookmarking CMS called Scuttle. Well it isn’t anything too special except for the fact it happens to be one of the most popular scripts chosen on many many many niche based social bookmarking clones. Within the past year there also has been a launch of ScuttlePlus which is an improved version of Scuttle with a few more features such as do follow, administrator panel and advertising control. Read Link Building With Scuttle.

AideRSS is a really slick interface that parses your favorite feeds by its own rating system called the PostRank. This system takes in many variables of the blog post such as amount of comments, rating and inbound links to the post to determine which ones you should most likely be reading. I’ve been using the software for a while now out of pure personal enjoyment, so take your time and check the site out. This site is put together by a cool group of people that really take an interest in the site so please don’t abuse the services they provide. Read Link Building & RSS Promotion With Aide RSS.

When it comes to directory submission I usually don’t do it by the masses, but when I need to I can always rely on SubmitEaze. Version 8 has just been launched and there is no secret about this program, it just works like it should and can get very profitable if used properly. I think we can all agree how much submitting to directories sucks the big one, so any sort of automation is good in my books. Read SubmitEaze Version 8 Launches.

Listable is a social and do follow list creation tool for online lists. As most of you know it was first blogged about by Collin in his Link Building Cookbook, so I take no credit for this discovery. So basically you can create lists which can become great do follow backlinks which can be voted on and ranked socially to help make your list as accurate as possible. Read Link Building With Listable.

I’ve been compiling a very large list of forums that are do follow and have a section for website reviews which are a great way to get some some feedback as well snag some juicy links(ooo sexy links). Most of my readers are aware of the sections that Digital Point and V7N provide for website reviews, so I’ve hunted down a lot more for your personal link building enjoyment. Read Link Building With Website Reviews On Forums.

To no one’s surprise, Ann Smarty has once again written a friggin great article on link building entitled 6 Ways To Build Links With Your Graphic Design Skills. I’ve one of these techniques for a bunch of different clients and she just opened my world to a whole bunch more. Ann always writes quality articles with new information so I’d get her feeds into your reader!

Andy Boyd of Setfire Media has written a must read article on How To Build Links To Linkbaits That Don’t Go Viral. He touches on so many different methods on how to still make you or your clients linkbait be worth its while. This is a great article because with all the people trying to get their content seen, it’s getting harder and harder to pop that viral bubble.

The fine folks over at SMM Guru have put together a mammoth list of do follow blogs ranked by PR…how mammoth you say? About 1114 blog posts that do follow. Again I’ll pipe up with please only comment if you’re writing something related and good, because we all know these blogs are about to get spammed the f&*! out!

That’s it for this week so I urge everyone to send me their links to be included in next weeks post. You can reach me on Wicked Fire or by hitting me up on my contact page. I’m going to be quickly writing a couple more great posts right after this so stay tuned!

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This Week In Link Building For August 25th 2008

August 25  |  TWiLB  |   Ryan Clark

Well welcome to the second edition of This Week In Link Building. I’ve had a great week of growth and a lot of good feedback from all you folks. I’ve got most of the Link Building Podcast recorded so expect to see that launch sometime this week. As you know I also launched the Link Building Forums on this day so I hope to get as many of you as possible in there. I’ve had my good friend Oliver from SEO Business hack up this theme to give it a different look which I’ll implement sometime tonight.

I managed to get a good set of posts finished up and a lot of great websites to link build on were found. I’ve been hunting around the web on different authority sites, scouring high ranking sites back links and browsing open source software for new ways to build links. The blogosphere has been quiet lately and I’m highly anticipating a new post from Collin Lahay because he always has something juicy to update.

First up was a post on WordPress Link Building Plugins which helped automatically build links and help the spiders index your content. This post will continually get updated because I’m sure we’ll a few more amazing plugins that fall under this category. If you have a plugin I missed be sure to comment on it or simply send me an email via the contact page.

I found out how to use Faviki For Link Building which has helped me get a bunch of solid links for a lot of my projects lately. Faviki is a pr6 social bookmarking site that allows you to tag pages with Wikipedia terms( Semantic Tags). This means that everybody uses the same names for tags from the world’s largest collection of knowledge.

Even though Faves is no follow it is still a great place to harness for targeted traffic. If you produce some quality conent then this site will work nicely for you. It is somewhat like StumbleUpon in regards, but has its own quirky differences that make it unique.

I made a list of the top forum posts on my favorite forums related to SEO and link building. There are a few good posts out there and these ones have a lot of views for a good reason. It’s always nice to actually read something you should know instead of the same old drivel.

Blogoria is a great blog promotion tool that gives you a do follow link as well offers some RSS feed promotion capabilities. I’ve been noticing a few more sites like these popping up lately so I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled.

Collin Lahay’s rssHugger is a great promotional tool that has the same kind of feel as Blogoria. It promotes your RSS feed as well provides quality backlinks to your website. This is a one of a kind website so don’t expect this link value to go down anytime soon.

I noticed a newish search engine for finding do follow forums has hit the scene and I would keep my eye on it. This will no doubtably have hundreds of not thousands of forums listed within the next couple of months. The do follow trend still seems to thrive and the blogs and forums seem to be targeted the most.

I wrote a short post called Link Building With Plime which is a well known social bookmarking service that passes along some link love. Plime currently holds a pr6 and tons of pages indexed. Plime makes use of a “karma points” system where it rewards user accounts the more they participate.

Although there seem to be a ton of lists floating out there already for do follow forums webmaster forums I managed to write one up as well. I also ranked them by PR just to give you an indication of which ones are the more active. Remeber these are communities to take part in, not just spam away to get links. It works out better in the long run if you market yourself with a good image.

I’ve been dabbling with StumbleUpon Exchanges lately and found a few places to make the process much much easier. know this falls under the bad practice routine sometimes, but when I generally exchange Stumbles it has to be with a decent website or content piece. No matter how many stumbles you get, you can still have a website or article that sucks. There are a few good communities out there spreading the Stumble love, there are also places that might not be such a great idea to join to trade.

Blog Bookmark has been one of my new favorite social bookmarking communities for webmasters and bloggers. It has a strong following and provides a good do follow backlink with the potential for some decent traffic. The site is designed very well and is a great example of really making a social bookmarking site stand out from all the rest.

I’ve been link building with Flixya because it’s a great site that combines social media such as videos, photos and articles into one giant website. You can add your videos, photos and the juicy part is that you can write an article and get a do follow link within your “About Author” section. Flixya also is a revenue sharing website so not only can you get a backlink and traffic, but you can get some adsense revenue for your efforts. I imagine after another year of link building on all these types of sites and I’ll get a decent monthly income. This site promotes quality and unique content so best get out your thinking cap and write something good.

I’ve been on a mission today to find some good spots to build links, and I’ve found another great site with a lot of content and users that provides a do follow back link as well as revenue sharing. Xomba has been running for just over 2 years and the site has show very impressive growth. The site provides a great place to write some content, share bookmarks and in the end get that do follow link.

Triond is a cool newish revenue sharing website that also provides a few places to get a do follow backlink to your site. Triond takes your original content and if approved, publishes it on other websites that they feel is the most related to your content. This will also get you a do follow link from their bookmarking system under your user profile passing all sorts of link juice around.

I’ve also just launched the Link Building Forums and I’m hoping to attract a lot of new good members who love the science of link building. I want to get people from the link building and SEO community to become moderators and build a reputable source of information on the web. It’s going to be a little slow building up at first so I urge any nice bloggers out there to give us a blog post to let their readers know about it.

Loren Baker from Search Engine Journal did a speach on link building thats well worth the watch. Loren is a seasoned vet in the game and is a pleasure to listen to or read what he has to say at any time. This video runs a little but long but I assure you it’s well worth the watch.

Will Critchlow wrote a great article entitled “Using Your While Business To Build Links“. No surprise that an article from SEOmoz has made the rounds again, and it’s because they’re always talking about something new. Will covers on what big business can do to build links because the wealth of power and resources they have. A lot of companies still have no idea the possibilites of link building they could be throwing on the table;

There are a few situations where I would disagree with the conclusion that you always get a mess when you add new marketing to old businesses, particularly in SEO. Understanding the basics of SEO (not even linkbait, etc., but just keyword research and basic technical on-page SEO) can be enough to form a valuable sales channel for old-school businesses.

I hope you got something out of this weeks links. I’m going to be hard at work with the new forums, podcast and research to find new links. I’d also like to find some new people to work with on some new projects in affiliate marketing, so if anyone wants to partner up with a link builder let me know. Take care everyone and keep sending me your thoughts, comments and wisdom!

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