SubmitEaze Version 8 Launches

August 27  |  Link Building Tools  |   Ryan Clark

When it comes to directory submission I usually don’t do it by the masses, but when I need to I can always rely on SubmitEaze. Version 8 has just been launched and there is no secret about this program, it just works like it should and can get very profitable if used properly. I think we can all agree how much submitting to directories sucks the big one, so any sort of automation is good in my books.

So what’s new with version 8? The one major feature that I should get out there first is its new “Turbo Submitting” feature which employs a browser-less interface, and instead displays the submission form as part of the graphical user interface. SubmitEaze can now submit to directories faster than before, but keep in mind that too many links too quickly will get you penalized in Google….so be a smart submitter. Here’s a look at the graphical interface;

SubmitEaze also now submits to over 4000 free directories, so remember to stick to ones within your niche because quality links is what counts. Version 8 also submits to article directories which helps kill two birds with one stone. Also on that note you can randomize titles and descriptions and anchor text which should all help make sure you have profitable SERP results by doing it the right way.

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