StumbleUpon Exchanges – Where To Find Them

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August 22  |  Social Media Sites  |   Ryan Clark

I know this falls under the bad practice routine sometimes, but when I generally exchange Stumbles it has to be with a decent website or content piece. No matter how many stumbles you get, you can still have a website or article that sucks. There are a few good communities out there spreading the Stumble love, there are also places that might not be such a great idea to join to trade.

First up is the StumbleUpon Exchange which is a web community dedicated to trading exchanges. The system has over 3100 users to this day, and the entire idea is based around points you get for stumbling other peoples content. If you want to bypass stumbling for points, you can buy a set of points to keep the traffic coming in without any work. If this sounds interesting to you, then by all means sign up to StumbleUpon Exchange.

Next up is Stumble Swap which is a very easy to use web interface and forum for exchanging Stumbles. This site already gets a lot of traffic and users so you know you’ll have no problem getting your content Stumbled. This community works the same as the others, and the more you review sites, the more yours get reviewed.

Last but not least is the StumbleUpon Exchange Group over at Blog Catalog. This is the first place that I got introduced with, and it remains a very useful tool in any link builders arsenal. If you don’t already have a Blog Catalog account, it’s worth while because the site provides quality traffic in itself. Once you’ve signed up you can join the Stumble Group.

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