Starbucks Holiday Cups Out November 1st x Links Followed!

November 4  |  Link Bait Tactics  |   Ryan Clark

I’m currently writing an article on how big brands can score tons of links just by doing regular updates. I’m a Starbucks junky so I noticed the red holiday cups out and about first thing November 1st, and then I saw the news about it. I thought it would make for a quick but thought provoking post about how large companies can score links with ease. I also took a picture right now of my delicious Christmas Blend for those who are “too cool” for Starbucks and don’t know what I’m talking about.

If you go take a look at Google both in the regular area, blog search and discussions you’ll see roughly 50 thousand websites talking about it. That’s a lot of bloddy links, citations and social media buzz going about all for just a regular update from Starbucks. This is a perfect example of how you as a big brand can benefit from your fans across the web.

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Starbucks Does Local Marketing Just Fine

June 13  |  Local Business Marketing  |   Ryan Clark

I get flack for enjoying Starbucks because it’s not considered “cool”, but for a large corporation, they sure do a great job of keeping customers happy. I’ll also gladly admit I like some of the roasts they offer, and sorry to the other coffee shops out there. I just sometimes don’t have pants skinny/tight enough, nor a Macbook to enter your store with to fit in. While getting my fix this morning at the Mayfair Starbucks, I was rewarded with a gift card and some discounts for other purchases. While they certainly do some wrong, I thought I’d just show-off something they’re doing right when it come to local marketing. However, I’m glad I’m off the latte train because $5 for a drink that costs $.25 or less to make is such a scam.

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