Blackhats Are Using For Top SERPs

August 18  |  Black Hat  |   Ryan Clark

I spent the evening writing a bunch of new posts for tomorrow and eventually crashed and burned. I’ve been watching Seinfeld while browsing competitive keywords to see how the black hats are gaming Google. I did a quick scan for the top listings in Canada and the US and notice this link in the top 10 A quick search of that URL minus the http:// and you’ll see the typical handy work of Xrumer.

I’ve seen this member profile technique a bunch of PHPBB forums, but this is the first time I’ve seen Mashable used. I can’t imagine they will let this kind of nonsense to go on, but hey it gives me a good look into what’s going on. I followed the link in the profile and then checked to see what other domains were lurking on the same host. Well needless to say this person likes his Viagra :)

Now just incase you’re thinking, yes those links on the profile page are no follow, so there isn’t a real point of spamming good ol Mashable. I don’t quite get why they do this because they have to keep repeating this back link spamming process for a mere 2-5 days of ranking. Slow and steady wins the race folks…

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