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January 7  |  Social Bookmarking, Social Media Sites  |   Ryan Clark is a pretty new social news sites for the marketing community both online and off. By the looks of its Alexa Ranking, has been pushed since the end of December and has been climbing at a decent rate since its launch. I submitted my article Link Building & Social Media Marketing For Women which made it to the front page within a day or so. The traffic as expected wasn’t quite productive just yet, but that could also be due to my content so see for yourself;

The site seems to be getting quite active in regards to voting and user comments which is a good sign. The sites layout is really slick, clean and user friendly so it presents the media quite well. As an online markter I like the mix of offline marketing news that is on the site, it gives me a different angle on things and we all should be looking at all aspects of marketing. If you want to you can sign up for free and start submitting and taking part in the community.

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Building Readers With

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December 31  |  Link Building, Social Bookmarking  |   Ryan Clark

Earnersclub is a great hub for the SEO/SEM/Webmaster community and provides a new source for traffic to your blog. The links are not dofollow, but I’m after the traffic that’s involved here and I’ve been using the site more and more lately. Not only does this dive into the realm of what Sphinn covers, but it also goes into the money making niche deeply with a vast section of great links to information I don’t normally come across….and it’s all about making money. They also have a vast array of buttons for your website, browser plugins to easily submit content on the go and of course a handy WordPress plugin to let your readers vote up your stories. I’m kind of in a toss up to switch it over from Sphinn, but for now I’ll try and get this added to my socialize this plugin for WordPress. I highly recommend all your folks out there in these niches to join up and start voting and submitting your good content.

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Link Building With

November 27  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been playing around with lately and finally got around to posting about the site. Gabbr is a web 2.0 news, social bookmarking and networking tool that makes all these features great for finding like minded content and users. If you have good content you’ll really enjoy using this service because it encourages you to share you blog content in many ways. First up it lets you input your RSS feed which provides dofollow links, second you can submit individual blog posts or articles which are also dofollow and listed on your public profile. Gabbr has 16,000+ user pages indexed in Google so it looks like this service is picking up nicely! These features allow you to also get related news and eventually network socially to find like minded people in your niche. Another feature that takes Gabbr ahead of the rest is “attention based tracking” which monitors popular content throughout its network. I’ve quickly setup a page although the RSS feed option was giving me PHP errors at the present time, but take a look at my profile to see what I’m talking about. If you’re ready to participate head on over to the join page.

Website Promotion
Instead of having multiple blogs across multiple sites, Gabbr allows bloggers from all types of blogs to submit their blog entries for discussion in a centralized location. The blog entries are also mirrored on the original blog authors website. This cross promotion leads to an increase in the readership of all participating weblogs. The aim is to break down traditional online media barriers while creating constructive online communities. If your blogsite has its own RSS or Atom feed you can submit it to Gabbr so that others can read it thereby increasing the distribution of your site’s content.

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Link Building & RSS Promotion With

October 28  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I reminded myself to find some new RSS feed directories and came across It’s basically a RSS feed directory but with a very updated and fresh web 2.0 feel. Submissions are reviewed by a human so you cannot submit crap to the site…so admin if you’re reading this approve Linkbuildr please and thank you(lol). The site is relatively new so don’t expect much in regards to link juice just yet, but be thankful for the help it gives your content to stay in the index. They will spider your site constantly once approved and it hopefully will bring you some new readers to your blog. I don’t have any data yet on the site so I can’t tell you how well it performs, but if anyone out there is listed please let us know in the comments! You can head on over to their site and submit your RSS feed.

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Link Building With

October 21  |  Link Building  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve been playing around with Social Median tonight and I REALLY like what I’m seeing. Social Median is a new way of getting customized news from around the web as well getting your news out in the world with the click of the mouse. The interface took me a little while to get used to, but once I got the hang of It I was creating custom news feeds from the great sources already within the system, and then I made my own custom news feed for link building.

Social Median is all about personalized news – helping people get the news that matters most to them on any number of topics from any number of sources. Our hunch is that people with common topical interests can help each other filter and discover personally relevant news.

After a few hours I’ve realized that Social Median’s suggestive topics for news it thought I would like was spot on. I’ve now got this happily feeding me news all day on my new Blackberry Storm which makes my day a whole lot more less productive..but in a good way. I highly recommend everyone to try it out, make some news feeds and get some links plus traffic from this social networking site.

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Get Targeted Traffic With Follow)

August 19  |  Social Media Sites  |   Ryan Clark has been helping people share websites since 2004 and even if the site is no follow, you can still drive traffic to your quality content. It works in a very similar way to Stumble Upon so you guys shouldn’t have a problem figuring it out. The site sits around the 5000 mark on Alexa, so you can expect a good amount of traffic if you have something good to share.’s free website delivers recommendations personalized to each user’s topics and people of interest. Through a unique Topic Network, users are connected to other members who make the highest quality recommendations in their respective areas of interest. is led by an experienced group of entrepreneurs formerly from Microsoft®.

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