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5 Steps to Creating an Amazing LinkedIn Company Page

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June 4  |  Social Bookmarking, Social Media Sites, Social Networks  |   Alex Chan

5 Steps to Creating an Amazing LinkedIn Company Page

Everyone knows that social media is latest platform for promoting their products but where do we go beyond Facebook and Twitter? Facebook lets us reach friends of friends and Twitter broadcasts to news addicts so what about everyone else? In the past year, LinkedIn has reshaped their site to present a new opportunity to reach professionals, businesses, and companies. They actually have and send traffic now. Creating a LinkedIn profile for your company is a step forward to building your company’s image and increasing its popularity.

Making a LinkedIn profile for your company is very easy and more important, it’s free! Here are a few tips on how to create a good LinkedIn profile for your company:

1. Don’t skip the “About Us” section
Write a detailed summary of your company under the “About Us” section at the bottom. Put effort into writing a good description for everyone to see. Tell people what’s important about your company. Upload a crisp and clean cover image. The cover image is much larger than your profile image so viewers will see that first.

2. Use the Products & Services tab
All social networks are a great way of promoting your products and services. With the Products and Services tab, you can put images of products and even provide links so people can buy them. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to place your most prominent product on the top of the list so people can see it first.

3. Connect with your employees
After you create a profile for your company, ask all your employees to connect to the profile and say they work for your company. This increases the circle of people that can connect to your company, but also provides visitors a possibility to connect directly to the employees. It makes your company accessible and open to the general public.

4. Recruit people
The LinkedIn profile can also be used as a recruitment tool. The Careers Page is used to recruit talented people and make contacts with other professionals. If you wish, you can pay to have the Career page available on your LinkedIn profile.

5. Generate good content
Last but not least, always make sure you keep your profile page updated and interesting to users. Always generate good quality content on your LinkedIn page. Customers like to be constantly updated with the new information whether it is about your company or in general. Generating good content is the hook that attracts more followers. If you have nothing to say, then nobody would follow you.

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April 1  |  Social Networks  |   Ryan Clark

I’ve just spent that last couple of hours signing up and checking out a new social network for entrepreneurs that’s caught my interest. If the site owners are reading this and thinking, “oh no, we just got blogged about on a link building blog”, don’t worry I’m not working that angle anymore(lol). Everyone on the Linkbuildr Team is an entrepreneur, and I’ve had the pleasure of getting them on the team here. We appreciate the resources available to folks like us, and we’ll always do our part to share related news such as this launch. A lot of our clients are also in the same boat, and we know they’ll enjoy hearing about a new place to share ideas and perhaps make some businesses connections. There are a whole host of features offered on Startup Crave, so join up while the beta is free and add me to your network.

There are a whole host of features, as I mentioned, my favorite so far being the post an idea option in your user control panel. Once the site builds a large following, who knows who you’ll network with and make that idea into reality. Personally, there have been so many times I’ve needed a good programmer on board so I’ll be looking to link up here for that. There are also user forums, the ability to post videos and link up your social media accounts to spread your latest happenings. Current beta testers get to utilize all the features of Startup Crave so jump on board now while the getting is good!

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August 14  |  Social Media Sites  |   Ryan Clark has recently launched into the world of making money online and article writing. If you’re looking for a new place to get out original, quality content to the masses then this is the place for you. It’s free to sign up and as I like to usually mention to not spam this service, but rather put something great and unique up. The Infobarrel system has measure in place to keep quality control in order which is a key feature a lot of the other social media sites are lacking.

To put it in less words, is a Shared Revenue Social Media Community. We are creating a venue for writers, media producers and other content developers to publish their material and create an extra revenue source.  Not only do we want to help content producers, but we also want to attract visitors from all around the world with information that provides value to their daily lives.  Whether the value is created through  a simple how-to tie a tie article, a salad recipe or instructions on how to make an amazing cocktail, it is our goal to be your information destination.

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